Emotions Are Crucial to Your Success With The Law of Attraction

First – They help you to really gauge your feelings towards your desire. If thinking about your desire makes you feel good, you know you’re on the right track. Fortunately, positive emotions send out a stronger message to the Universe than negative emotions so when you are imagining the achievement of your desire you are sending out to the Universe very strong emotions.

Second – Emotions are our guidance system. When you approach any task or idea you will feel either positively or negatively about the task. Listen to your emotions they will clearly indicate whether you’re fulfilling your mission. When you don’t feel good about doing something you are getting feedback from the Universe and of course when you do something with enthusiasm and excitement you are getting positive feedback. Keep doing the things that feel good and you will achieve your desire much faster. In fact I will say if you are doing things that don’t feel right you are not going to achieve your desire.

I made a decision about 15 years ago to go into the sales field. I made that decision because it seemed to me like the only career that truly paid a person for their performance. The result was terrible. I hated getting up each morning. I couldn’t get myself to pick up the phone and make appointments. I was miserable. I stuck with it for seven years until I cried uncle. If I knew then what I have learned since I never would have continued as long as I did. I have since gone back to the technical field where I am comfortable and happy. I enjoy helping people when they ask for help; I was not at all comfortable trying to help people that didn’t ask for it. As a result I’m much happier and make a lot more money than I ever did in sales.

We are meant to be happy not miserable. Happiness is not the destination, it’s the journey.