The Power of Daily Positive Affirmations

Did you know that everything you have achieved so far in life is a result of asking for it? Seriously, it might be hard to understand but it’s true. Just think back to all the times you sat there worrying and saying to yourself; “Boy, I sure hope I don’t get a flat tire on my way to my interview this morning.” Then again it could have been; “I just know it’s going to rain for Saturday’s picnic.” Whatever it was, the things you focused on started happening. Honestly, it happens all the time we just don’t necessarily accept it.  In short, we attract what we think about, which includes Daily Positive Affirmations.

Today we want to show you ways you can focus your attention on positive desires. This is all through the ability of positive thinking or what many people call; Daily Positive Affirmations. The true definition of this is that it’s something which is declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment. So how do you use it to get what you want? Well, let’s show you how to construct this properly.

1st – It’s important for affirmations to be stated in the present tense.

For example; “I have a beautiful new BMW” is much better than saying; “I will have a beautiful new BMW.” It’s the word “will “that indicates the future. You want to show that it’s happening now.

2nd – Everything has to be stated in positive terms.

Saying things such as: “I’m no longer broke” just won’t cut it. Instead you should focus on something like: “I have an unlimited income stream!” This is much more powerful.

3rd – Be short and specific.

What you have to understand too is that the subconscious mind can’t understand long statements. It’s best influenced by short, positively worded specific statements.

Once you implement these three tips into your schedule and begin to utilize Daily Positive Affirmations in your everyday life, you will begin to notice changes happening all around you.

1) Repetition

This is important, the best time to repeat your affirmation is in the morning when you get out of bed, and then again at night before you go to sleep. Some people even take notes and post them to the bathroom mirror, in the car, on the computer, or even at your office where you can see it throughout the day. The point is the more you think it, the faster it will manifest your desires.

2) Emotions

It’s also important to have fun. This is not something you want to be embarrassing, but if you pretend that you’re an actor reciting your lines, Daily Positive Affirmations will start to become even more fun. And… the emotions become involved.

3) Belief

While the first two are important, without believing this, it won’t matter what you do. This is the hardest of the three to accomplish, and in order to do it you have to understand what it will feel like when you achieve your goals. You really have to get into this part! The more you imagine what it is like and the more vision you put into it, the subconscious mind will know exactly what it needs to accomplish in order to arrive at your vision.

Most people don’t know it but the subconscious mind is about 90% of your total mind power. The conscious mind is what we use in our daily life; it’s surprising that it’s only 10%. You just have to remember that your subconscious mind accepts anything you submit to it whether it is positive or negative. It’s up to you to put into practice your Daily Positive Affirmations in order to change your life for the better.

Did you know that everything you have achieved so far in life is a result of daily positive affirmations? It might be hard to believe but it’s true.


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