Attract Your Life Purpose by Doing What You Love

When you want to attract your dreams into your present day life you can only do it if you have a clear intention of what it is that you really want. This object or goal must be something that you crave and want with all of your heart and soul.You must be able to focus clearly on your life purpose and be able to picture it with clarity and detail in your mind. Some people may not understand what a true life purpose is so let me explain.

Your vision, expectations, and hopes for your life and future are perhaps the best definition of your life purpose that I’ve ever heard.

It has been shown that the Law of Attraction is responsible for all past, present and future events in the lives of everyone in the world. If your life is not all that you hoped it would be, it is the result of your thoughts and negative energy that has attracted those things that you do not want while shielding you from the positive experiences you crave. Look inside your heart and mind and find out if you really believe that you have the right to a wonderful, happy life. If you are not presently enjoying success, riches and love then the answer to the question is “No”, and your current situation is all that you feel you deserve.

Are you envious of others who seem to be living the perfect life? These people are easy to spot because they are full of joy and gladness and it is obvious even to strangers. Individuals like this are delightful to be near and they attract others to them that have the same traits and positive energy that they themselves possess. In other words these people are living their life on purpose and getting those things they desire most. Their energy vibration is at a high level and is able to attract whatever they want. We get what we truly believe we deserve; so why doesn’t everyone have money, love and joy?

Marsha Sinetar authored a book in 1989,Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow – Discovering Your Right Livelihood. This is very insightful reading which I highly recommend to anyone. It outlines what you need to do to attract what you want most into your life. Yes, getting what you want out of life is really an easy process that anyone can learn, and practice.

If you follow the steps on this Website and learn how to truly believe in the power and goodness that you possess you can attract everything you want with no effort. You need positive thoughts and energy, and you need to learn how to truly focus so the Law of Attraction can begin working. When you find that you are becoming stressed out or experiencing other negative, counter-productive emotions, you must get rid of those thoughts and feelings right away.

Now this does not mean that you will never get upset, and there are still going to be occasions when you have to do something that really does not make you very happy. However you will learn to control your emotions and stop dwelling on the negatives. You will become able to keep your focus on your one true life vision and keep working toward bringing it into your present day reality. This might take some practice, but you will succeed at identifying and manifesting your life purpose.

Some people might think this is a lot easier to read about than actually put into practice, but it really is easy to do. Understand that your true life vision is probably hidden deep in your heart, and it is up to you to find it. You should use a journal to record all of your ideas and thoughts and use this as a map to help you identify your life purpose.

Look at the things that you dream about or think about when you are all alone. What kind of life or career do you imagine yourself having? These are the questions that can unlock the answers for which you are searching.

Family and friends might turn negative and try to dissuade you from your goal. You might hear that you are being foolish and silly. Never let these negative words and people influence you into abandoning your quest for your life purpose. The Universe wants to help you and will provide you with the strength and wisdom you must have to succeed. You CAN do it, because you are a positive part of the Universe.

You don’t have to quit work, toss away savings and relationships and climb to the top of a mountain peak. This spiritual learning experience should blend in with your life and lead you to an even brighter future. If you have the courage to follow your heart and desires you can begin this quest today, and once you have found your life purpose you will never look back at your past.

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