"The Gratitude of Most Men Is But a Secret Desire of Receiving Greater Benefits"

One of the great benefits of the Law of Attraction is that you get more of what you show gratitude for. Whether you are grateful for the big things or small doesn’t matter. What does matter is being grateful.

Each day we’re given so many opportunities to be grateful. Our morning meal, the beautiful view on the way to work, a kiss from our children and spouse, a good friend, help from a co-worker. When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate all of the blessings in your life? Because when you show gratitude for these things you will attract more of the same.

These feelings of gratitude bring many positive emotions into your life. These positive emotions give you a more positive attitude. This positive attitude will continue to attract more positive experiences into your life.

Here are some Practical Steps to Practicing Gratitude

  • Start a gratitude journal. Write as many things down from your day as you can recall. What works for most people is to say “thank you” for everything they encounter each day, for example a sunrise/sunset, frost on the trees (especially when the sun is shining), food, shelter, warm homes and offices, clothing, colleagues, work/jobs.
  • Do a gratitude alphabet exercise. In your gratitude journal, write the letters from A – Z. As fast as you can, write down I am grateful for ????? starting with the letter A and going through the alphabet. For example: I am grateful for apples, I am grateful for bananas, I am grateful for carrots, and so on until you finish all the letters.
  • Practice an “Act of Kindness” everyday
  • Look for ways you can genuinely praise your partner, your child, your colleague, your employees, the person who serves you – waitress, mail carrier, paper delivery person, police officers.
  • Thank the Universe for sustaining your life by providing food, air, and water.

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