When You Get An Idea, Take Action On It. The Universe Is Guiding You Toward Your Desire

Without action, nothing happens.

From your affirming and envisioning will come ideas and inspirations. Act upon these when they occur.

Have you noticed that when you bought that blue Batwing 5000 sedan that hundreds of others had also bought the same sedan? Once you have brought something into your consciousness, you begin to focus on that thought, idea, or thing. From that focusing will come a flow of ideas and inspirations that are coming to you from the Universe. This is where action comes in. If these ideas pass the feel good test then I would strongly encourage you to take action upon them. You will get ideas that just don’t seem right. When you get these ideas evaluate them, just because you might not feel comfortable acting upon them does not mean they will not get you closer to your desire.

This website was an idea that came to me. I am so excited about this information I’ve been studying and learning that I wanted to share it with others.

If for example your desire is to Cruise on the Rivers of Europe then find out who offers these cruises. Call them and get a brochure. Read your brochure often and carefully, select your cabin, decide on what excursions you will take along the way. Read about the cities you’ll visit get to know their history and what you will shop for. Get excited about your upcoming cruise because you will have it. This will impress upon your subconscious mind that you are serious about your desire.

Newton’s Third Law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This relates to the Law of Cause and Effect which is referred to in some cultures as Karma. I bring this up because it also applies here. When you take action the Law of Cause and Effect goes into action to get the effect you desire. Nothing happens by coincidence.

It is important to understand that just daydreaming about your desire will not bring it to manifestation. You must act upon the ideas you get, that action will bring you ultimately to your desire.

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