Discover the Valuable Uses of Guided Meditation

Have you ever been driving down the highway and begun to daydream? As you envision your destination, where you’re staying, what you’ll be doing, you realize you’ve driven the last 10 miles and don’t remember it. Maybe you’ve been standing in the shower and all of a sudden you receive a solution to a problem that has plagued you for days. When you are performing a task that is so automatic that you are mentally disengaged from what you’re doing you are probably experiencing the Theta Brainwave State. The brainwork that can take place during the Theta State is often free flowing and occurs without censorship or guilt. It is typically a very positive mental state.

The Theta Brainwave State occurs between 4Hz – 8Hz and is characterized by deep relaxation, meditation and vivid imagery. Theta is also the state at which communication with the subconscious mind is most insightful.

So why am I telling you this? What does this have to do with envisioning your desire? Everything!

You see if your conscious mind is in the way, telling you you’re full of bologna when you repeat your affirmations, they’re probably not going to have much effect. I wish it was different but… it isn’t.

The Theta Brainwave State occurs naturally upon going to sleep at night and again when awakening in the morning. As you drift off to sleep you move from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta and when you awaken you go through the same sequence in reverse. This is a natural time to repeat your affirmations because they will be most effective.

If you practice meditation (if you don’t you should) repeating your affirmation while meditating will also be a most effective time.

As I stated earlier, you must be in a state where you’re communicating directly with the subconscious.

For those of you that want to speed things along, there are audio programs that you listen to with headphones called binaural beat recordings that will move you from Beta Brainwave to Alpha to Theta. These recordings can also contain subliminal recording of your affirmations so you can sit and relax and do work in months that might take years without the recordings.

While repeating your affirmations you must also envision what your life will be like when you have achieved your desire. This also is much easier in the Theta Brainwave state as you can more easily achieve vivid imagery in this state. Literally try to visualize yourself doing the things you desire, having the things you desire, and living the life you desire.

Until you have reprogrammed your mind to believe that you can have your desire through envisioning it in Theta, it will remain only a dream. And this is where that reprogramming happens.

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