Make Enthusiasm Work For You

What contributes frowning to one’s face? Is it not unhappiness? This condition of being is one of the numerous reasons why men and women who have emotional collapse put their lives in jeopardy. When deeper unhappiness or depression consumes the individual, disease and disorder clog his mind and emotions.

Many men and women who suffer from depression or extraordinary unhappiness are affected with the way they deal with their fellow men. Depressed men and women are sensitive and require specialized attention. At times, depression swallows them and affects their relationship with other people, especially their families and those who live close to them.

On the contrary, enthusiasm is a feeling comparable to happiness but the feeling involved is extreme. Enthusiasm is often associated with divine inspiration, an extreme emotion deeper than happiness itself. Even so, our society these days hinders men and women from being enthusiasts. Instead, many are grieving and discouraged with what they see in the surroundings and in the entire world. Many people who were victimized by wars and social problems find enthusiasm impossible to experience. Why, even the richest people on earth feel sad at times. If this is true, is it correct then that enthusiasm is elusive?

Many sigh because of unhappiness and bad experiences. We can say that indeed, happiness or enthusiasm is a relative state of being. This is the reason why many people retreat to illicit drugs, rationalizing that they can escape the bitter experiences they are experiencing. They thought they could fake happiness for a few hours. Little did they know that no matter how burdensome life is, happiness is still within reach and waiting to be rediscovered. How can you nurture and contribute to enthusiasm and happiness?

  1. Set goals and pursue life’s purpose. Happiness cannot be achieved in a moment so beginning early means experiencing happiness the soonest.
  2. Take away all the bitterness you kept for years. Learn to say “sorry” and accept your limitations.
  3. Keep your life uninvolved by allotting time for you to relax and delight in beneficial leisure activities.
  4. Learn to develop self-worth. Love your deeds and do favors for yourself. Adopt changes if essential and if you feel like you are weary in doing routine activities.
  5. Humbly accept others` support and enjoy small gifts from them.
  6. Try rendering support or reciprocating the kindness shown to you.
  7. Develop hobbies that will contribute to your self-worth. Many women and housewives, for example, love gardening. They at times talk to their plants. They find this satisfying in many ways.
  8. Read some inspiring books. Keep simple but heartening messages and share these with others. Remember that giving brings joy to every individual; learn the value of generosity at all times.
  9. Continuously communicate with others your inspiring and up lifting stories. Learn to accept feedback from your listeners.
  10. Learn to be flexible, accept the reality that everything does not just come to pass the way you believe everything should be.

Keeping these simple things in mind