You Can’t Get There From Here without a Positive Action Program


Take ActionTry to imagine a universe that is actually a sort of giant wish fulfillment machine. Of course it is a very busy piece of equipment and has a lot of wishes to juggle. It also needs to fit these into the grander overall scheme of things that must happen in order to fulfill the universe’s own desires and plans.

As a result, the universe can sometimes be slow to get around to certain wishes and does not spend much effort in fulfilling wishes that are easily within the power of the wisher. Wishing for a bologna sandwich is not going to be high on the list of universal wish fulfillment priorities. In other cases, the wish is for something that requires a lot of effort. The universe is not a genie’s lamp, however. It will do whatever it can to help wishes happen, but is not going to make them happen with a poof and an alikazam while the recipient sits on the couch watching TV.

The key elements in wish fulfillment become visualization and execution. If one wanted to be a professional football player or a fashion model, for example, the first step is to imagine oneself in that role. This is not a one-time thing, but a constant broadcasting of that desire so that the universe can pick up on it, categorize it as something that is more than a passing fancy and set wheels in motion that can help make it happen.

Once someone has settled on a definite desire, it is important not to deviate from this desire and equally important to formulate a positive action program to proceed towards the intended goal. This can as simple as building a library of books and visual materials that aid in the visualization process. Exploring opportunities for training or finding entry level positions that will move one a step closer to the ultimate goal are also things that can be done to prompt the universe into lending a hand.

There is an old joke about the woman who badly wanted to win the lottery. Every day and every night, she prayed to win the lottery. She dreamed constantly of how great it would be to stand in front of the television cameras with one of those huge checks in her grasp. She thought about how much nicer her life would be and how many people she could help. She thought about the trips she could take and the things she could buy if only she could win the lottery.

This half of the joke serves as a pretty good indicator of how plans of action can begin. This is only the start of a positive action program, however. One day, as she was fervently praying to win the lottery, a voice spoke to her. “Lady,” it said. “Help me out here. At least go buy a ticket.” That is the other half of the positive action program. You have to move towards your goal. The road can be smoothed and sometimes shortened by the actions of a responsive wish fulfillment universe, but you are the one who has to do the actual walking.

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