Why Doesn’t The Law Of Attraction Work?

If you have tried to manifest using the Law of Attraction and failed, you are not alone.  Thousands will give up quickly after making an effort that seems to produce no results.  However, there is an excellent reason why the law is not working for you – you’re not doing it right.

“What do you mean; I’m not doing it right?”  The Secret makes great strides in bringing the Law of Attraction to the public awareness, but many people don’t hear the most important part of the message, which really isn’t focused on until the second half of the movie.  Thoughts alone do not manifest.  It’s the energy and emotion generated by thoughts that manifest.  The speed of manifestation is also directly related to the power of emotional energy put into the intention.

Equally important in ensuring you do not undo your intention while waiting for it to manifest, any energy put into adverse thoughts will cause problems.  For instance, if you successfully send a powerful emotional intention to the universe to bring you money, and then spend the next three days worrying about the bills, you have probably sent out far more negative vibrations about money than positive.  When your intent doesn’t manifest, you really can’t act surprised.

If, however, you are able to focus on your desire and feel excitement – feel what it will be like when it happens, as though it had already happened – then you send a powerful intention to the universe.  Reinforce that over the next few days, and if you catch yourself unconsciously sending out negative intentions, stop immediately and reinforce your intent.  Trust in the process, let go, and don’t worry about when it will manifest.  The sooner you can let go the sooner it will be here and now.

Take about twenty minutes each night and find a private place.  That may be your bedroom, the bath tub, or a favorite spot outside, whatever.  Relax for a moment, and then imagine your intent has come true.  Imagine that it has happened right now, and feel what you would feel had it happened.  The more excited and worked up you can get, the better.  Imagine yourself driving that car, moving into that house, or holding that money.  Make sure you include yourself in your imaginings, as this is absolutely key.

Pick one intention and work on it for about a week, maybe two.  Be sure that during the day you take a relaxed, patient attitude about it, and don’t worry about whether or not it will work.  Don’t worry about when it will manifest.  If you do, then you are working against yourself.  It may help to choose an initial intent that does not involve money or something you need desperately, but rather something you would really like.  Too many people in bad financial situations attempt to manifest money instantly, and they are so consumed with worries over the bills that they never manage to keep a positive manifestation intent out there.  After you’ve succeeded a time or two with things you aren’t in dire need of, your faith in the process will allow you to go ahead and work on something more important.  This doesn’t have to be a lengthy process by any means.  Manifestation can occur near instantaneously, depending on the quality of your energy and intention.  We are our own worst enemies, and if something isn’t manifesting, you will always know who the culprit is.

Start a daily regimen today, and see if you don’t get better results than you have in the past.  Keep in mind, strong emotion plus detachment plus patience equals manifestation.  Before long, you will remember the days when you weren’t in control of your life as though they were a strange dream.  Best of luck!

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  4. I spend quite a bit of time highlighting this issue of why the law of attraction migth not be working for you, in my book, ‘Reading Between the Lines, The Hidden Power of Language’.

    What irritates me about The Secret, is it makes the whole process seem ridiculously easy, and for most people it’s not easy due to a lifetime of built in scepticism and cynicsim.

    “…strong emotion plus detachment plus patience equals manifestation…”

    I totally disagree with using ‘detachment’ as part of this process.

    Quantum theory suggests that focused observation and expectation is extremely effective in causing particles to collapse in a particular order, so that your intention is created.

    Detachment has no effect on these particles, which are the foundation of any future reality you might affect or experience.

    So I would change the advice to strong emotion, patience and intene expectation equals manifestation.
    .-= Curtis Chappell´s last blog ..3 Techniques For Memorizing Scripts =-.

  5. The only thing other people are getting problems in the law of attraction is taking away those negative thoughts or energy. They say that they already took those negative energy away but unconsciously thinking something negative. The law of attraction is a developing process. Its not instant. You need to take action for you to be successful.
    .-= The Laws of Attraction Info´s last blog ..3 Step Happy Manifesting Technique =-.

  6. Good point. Energy and focus is needed. Your thought is not enough. You need to concentrate more on your thought. Convert it to energy and make it a driving force in your life. But its easy to say, but hard stuff to do.
    .-= Law of Attraction Book´s last blog ..What is the Law of Attraction, and will it work for you? =-.

  7. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been trying to manifest for over 10 years and kept a diary. I’ve followed God knows how many books’ different techniques. It has never worked once for me. I started out wholeheartedly believing in this stuff. Now I don’t because I’d be a fool to ignore my experiences. It’s all in the mind and yet another con to control us and manipulate us to buy useless books and DVDs.

  8. Mags says:

    Jonathan – I feel exactly the same. I don’ think there’s a book or course out there I haven’t tried, all to no avail. I am poorer but wiser. I thought it must be true or why do people believe in it? I’ve come to realise that most people who try it either get nowhere and give up or go into the Law of Attraction industry and make their millions there. It only works for those who pass it on. In other words it is like a chain letter.

  9. Vitaliy says:

    I have a question to the people who believe that Law of Attraction works. Are you millionairs? I believer that everyone thought about winning the lottery after watching The Secret and I am very curious how many people won the lottery?

  10. Pamela says:

    I’ve been practicing the Law Of Attraction for years, even before The Secret came out. The universe is conspiring in my favor. I expect wealth and prosperity and that’s what I get. Yes, I want to be wealthy like a lot of other people, but wealth comes in many forms,not just financial. You can’t just look at wealth in terms of money. I thank the universe every day for making me a millionaire. Am I a millionaire…not yet, but I know I will be within the next 10 years. I am grateful for the wonders that I have yet to manifest. You’ve got to be grateful for everything, even the “bad.” Keep a gratitude journal, what do you have to lose?

  11. JOE says:


  12. Carlos Marin says:

    Visualization is a key component is assuming the desire is already fulfilled. This technique is one of the fundamental principles of Law of Attraction – I was delighted to see that you specifically instructed people to get quiet – and imagine that their intent had already come true! Its’ great that you’ve addressed this topic.

  13. Corrie Uys says:

    Yes I agree the mind is more powerful than alot of people know, but I have the following theory and it works.
    1. If you want money and want to attract more money start saving a little bit at a time and see how it grows. This will probabaly get you excited and stimulate to save more.
    2. Do not waste your money on BULLSHIT and hope to get more. There must be respect for money and then it will not LEAVE you but gets ATTRACTED to you.
    YES beleive, focus and more, but hard work must be part of the equation.

  14. What concerns me the most about the concept of the LOA is that most people dont actually understand that the LOA can only work if you have dealt with you limited beliefs which essentially are emotions and feelings that reside in your cellular makeup which is the mind body connection. You can read countless affirmations, meditate, visualize and look at your goal board for days on end but if you havent cleared your emotional blockages you are going to get what you have always got. Here’s the thing, there are millions of books on the market that are re-hashes of the LOA – and none really talk about the biology of us. If we dont understand our biology how then can we understand how to attract – effortlessly. We are made up of around 70 trillion cells and each cell has a brain, heart, nervous system, respiratory system, etc. In other words its like we have 70 trillion people who make us up and all hold a belief about you. If you were exposed to poverty and believe it is your right to be poor then you can be guaranteed that you will attract situations, people, places and overall experiences that will validate this belief because your cells that act as the sub conscious mind will tell your conscious mind to take you to these experiences. To clear your limiting beliefs you need to clear the blocks by looking at forms of energy psychology such as EFT and get these sorted out immediately. Then you can move forward and start working with the principals of LOA. I have now dedicated my life to writing about this topic and have an article posted that you can if you are interested -http://www.emotionalfreedom.tv/law-of-attraction/ or if you want a free copy of my book on Amazon you can get it for free if you Like us on Facebook http://on.fb.me/MHNQHt. We all deserve to stand on that stage and shine – it is our birth right so go get what you want and stop reading these books that make you chase your tail and never get you to your destination. Mary Henderson.

  15. Ami says:

    The Secret is not really a secret. What New Agers call ‘law of attraction’ is actually belief. What they call ‘universe’ is God. You cannot control God, and that is why for some ‘law of attraction’ does not work. The good old holy scriptures (The Bible, The Qur’an, etc.) instruct you:
    1) Believe in God
    2) Ask Him to help you, provided your desire is positive/good (do not wish to harm)
    3) Believe He will help you in your desire. Be patient.
    4) Be grateful no matter what for: you may get your wish in this world, or you may get it in the next. Qur’an says that sometimes we wish for things that are bad for us and God does not wish us harm, so our wish is unfullfilled. Sometimes we may think something came along that is bad for us, but in reality is good for us.
    5) Remember, you got no power.

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