When The Law Of Attraction
Just Won’t Work

law of attractionOkay, so you’ve read all the books. Bought all the products. Tried hypnosis CD’s, meditation, visualization, and affirmations. Yet, your desires are not manifesting! More than likely this is due to some old emotional blockages that need clearing, so fear not! Once your emotional blocks are removed, you will have full access to your creative potential.

Throughout all parts of life, we are faced with stress, difficulties, sadness in ourselves, sadness in others, anger, death, and occasionally worse things than this. In some cases, especially in childhood, we don’t know how to process our emotions when something bad happens. Instead of dealing with our problems, we end up allowing them to become absorbed into our energy body, where they very often become emotional blockages.

When powerful emotional blockages are in place, you get cut off. You can not open to the world around you, and the magic and love of the universe has great difficulty getting in to you. This stunts intuition, the astral body, thought processes, brain power, will power, and most importantly to us, the ability to attract into our lives the things we desire. These blockages must be removed so that you can reclaim your power as the creator of your reality.

So how do you know if you have emotional blockages? If you’re a living, breathing human being, more than likely you have some. But don’t worry! There are ways to cure this. You may try a healer or hypnotherapist. You may turn to meditation to reveal and cleanse these blocks. You may get a regular therapist to slowly help you work through them. You may also try EFT, which is a powerful healing technique that takes only a minute or two and can often heal anything encountered.

The important thing is that you find a way to release your energy, so that it is available to you again. If you are just not having any luck with the Law of Attraction, you are probably stuck behind a blockage. Cleanse yourself in any way possible. Laughter is cleansing, music is cleansing, having fun with friends is cleansing. Dwelling on negative things in your present or past is absolutely not cleansing. There are a million books and websites on the subject of clearing emotional blockages. My purpose is not to lay out how, but rather to lay out what your problem most likely stems from so that you can fix it!

Find a way to heal your emotional body and your full powers as a creator will be bestowed back upon you. Happy cleansing!

Dick Ingersoll is sharing what he has learned from his studies in metaphysics, philosophy and spirituality at: Applying the Law of Attraction you can download Dick’s latest eBook “Master Your Life Using the Law of Attraction” at: http://www.applying-the-law-of-attraction.com/MYL_NC.html

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Just Won’t Work

  1. Kan I Drive says:

    I needed that…

    Thank you so much.

  2. CG Walters says:

    An excellent article, Richard. Thank you.
    Many blessings and wonders this year to you and all you hold dear,

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