What to Teach Your Kids about the Law of Attraction

Whether you believe in the power of the universe or the New Thought Movement from history or not, the power of positive thinking is something that you certainly can’t deny, and it’s something that you definitely want to teach your kids. But what to teach your kids about the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction?

Before you can teach your kids anything, of course, you have to know about it yourself. So let’s start by talking about what the Law of Attraction actually is. Basically, it’s a theory created and influenced by thinkers like Thomas Troward and William Walker Atkinson in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and it’s been gaining traction right now.

Basically, the Law of Attraction states that people who believe good things have good things happen to them, and that people who believe bad things have bad things happen to them. In fact, there’s at least some scientific proof for the Law of Attraction.

Scientists see it happen every day in trials involving treatments or medications. There is nearly always a measurable “placebo effect” in which study participants who aren’t given the real drug or treatment get better anyway, simply by believing they will. (Remember, in a proper double-blind study, none of the participants know if they’re getting the real treatment or not!) On the opposite end of the spectrum, in some studies, participants experience the nocebo effect – they get “side effects” from a medication that they aren’t even taking, simply because they think that the medication might affect them negatively!

Oprah has a whole section on the Law of Attraction, and she offers lots of real-life stories of people who have completely changed their lives with the Law of Attraction.

So whether you believe in spirituality or not, there’s really something to this what-you-think-is-what-you-get law of the world. And you want to teach your kids to be positive thinkers, since positive thinkers tend to get what they want – whether it’s God, the Universe, or their own selves handing it to them!

Your Kids Already Know It!

The great part about teaching kids about the Law of Attraction is that they intuitively have a sense of it already. Kids already believe wholeheartedly that they’ll get what they ask for. As a parent, you do everything you can to make that happen, which just reinforces that belief.

The amazing thing is how much it takes for a kid to stop thinking positively and believing that she’ll get what she wants out of life. Kids have to be refused and figuratively beaten down over and over again before they’ll stop thinking in a positive way about life. So when it comes to teaching your kids about the Law of Attraction, the basis is already there! You just have to teach them a little bit more about how to use the power of positive thinking.

Tips for Teaching Kids More

  • Encourage imaginative play: Imaginative play is the number one way that young kids act out what they want in life, whether that’s to be a doctor or to go shopping with mommy. Encourage kids to act out what they want in as detailed and real a way as possible, and get into imaginative play with them. Kids know when they’re imagining things, so there’s no need to tell them that what they’re dreaming of isn’t real or is just pretend!
  • Encourage visualization: Work with your kids so that they learn to really see things in their mind’s eye. Believers in the Law of Attraction assert how important it is for a person to really “see” a positive thing happening, since that gives the positive thought more power. Encourage your kids in this by helping them imagine everyday things – cats and roses and peanut butter sandwiches – in their minds in great detail.
  • Teach your child to know what he wants: In our media-saturated world, the TV and billboards are always trying to tell your kid what he wants, or trying to get him to want this or that product. Teach your child to cut through all this static to figure out what he really wants, and practice this by making lists or even photo collages of things that he really wants out of life.
  • Practice affirmations: In the Law of Attraction, affirmations are about being grateful ahead of time for something you know you’re going to receive. For instance, if your child wants a skateboard, you can practice saying with him, “I’m so happy that I’m going to get a skateboard.” This affirmation that the skateboard will come, even if it isn’t here yet, will help solidify the power of positive thinking for your child.

Teaching your kids about the Law of Attraction is actually quite easy, since kids naturally believe in magic and in the power of their own thoughts. These tips will just help you push them along the road a little more so that they can really achieve the power of positive thinking!

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