The True Power of Prayer

Prayer is a staple of many religions.  People speak to God or to higher powers or forces and ask for assistance.  Prayer in this form still works, as many people will attest.  But prayer in its purest form is nothing more than a focused visualization, utilizing the Law of Attraction to bring about healing, assistance, guidance, or to affirm gratitude.  Let’s look at the ways in which we can use prayer to manifest our desires.

When looking at prayer specifically for the purpose of manifesting, we are discussing a focused form of thought infused with emotion.  When do most people pray?  When there is turmoil, fear, or other bad emotions that they want relief from.  People also pray when they become so enthralled with the idea of having something that they pray excitedly to receive their desire.  In both cases, we are seeing hyper-concentrated thought-emotions being focused directly on the desire, which is already emotionally charged.  A person praying in this fashion becomes a very powerful magnet indeed, and will generally succeed in attracting their desire.

Try engaging in such prayer, regardless of your religion or lack thereof, whenever you find yourself worried, stressed, angry, sad, or in a state of deep desire over something.  By stopping and literally focusing your mind, you put a magnetic pole up to the universe, and begin pulling your desire for freedom from the stress, worry, or the acquisition of your desire.  The difference between the normal thought processes and what I am calling prayer here is a powerful intent.  Use your will, and rather than praying to a deity, you may simply state, “I intend that this occur” or “I will receive that”.  The more emotional energy behind the statement, the more powerful it will be.

Every thought you have is like a prayer to the universe, so let me specify the form of prayer I’m talking about as hyper-focused thought.  If you follow this prayer up with additional visualization work, you will have even greater success.  The more energy you put into the desire, the faster and greater will be your success.

Group prayer is a powerful force.  When multiple people bring the power of their thoughts and emotions together, the Law of Attraction can truly shine.  With many people working together to attract the same thing, a tremendous boost of energy goes into the thoughtform, and the universe hears this loud and clear.  Manifestations with a group can happen very quickly indeed.  The only difficult part is ensuring that everyone in the group is truly working as a united whole, and that no negative thinking is being added to the pool, which can diminish some of the group’s power.

So try to form a group of like-minded people.  Pray for world peace.  Pray for new cars.  Pray for whatever you like!  Take advantage of group prayer and make a difference in your realities.  The effort may be daunting but the payoff will be huge.  Good luck!

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2 Responses to The True Power of Prayer

  1. Patricia Singleton says:

    Group prayer just like group meditation is very powerful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Sean says:

    I just wanted to make sure that when you use the power of attraction, your thoughtsb can not have “Not” because then what you were trying to not happen, will. Make sure to focuse on something happening, not something not happening…If that makes sense, I hope it helps.

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