The Power of Personal Affirmation

A personal affirmation is quite powerful and can change the course of your life for the better. It is a technique to take charge of your life, and steer your way to success. Affirmations can effectively remove beliefs that are self-limiting, and tune your mind to achieve success in any chosen pursuit. Affirmations will always work, however to get desired results, it is important to know how to create and apply them.

Before we get into the subject let us first understand, affirmation definition. As per the dictionary, it is the act of affirming a particular statement. However, here we are talking about a technique of affirming, which can bring positive changes in your life. Therefore, the definition must include the importance of something positive. People are all the time affirming something, but unfortunately, most of the time it is something negative. Worrying and anxious thoughts are also affirmations, but of the negative kind. Desiring something is also an affirmation, but we are projecting the result in the future.

To understand true affirmation meaning let us look at some affirmation examples. If you affirm, “I will not be poor, but someday I will be a rich man”, you are likely to remain poor and the someday will never come. The correct way to put this would be to affirm, “I am rich now and attracting wealth from everywhere”. As you can see from these examples, the first one has a negative element about being poor, and the goal of being rich was projected into an unreachable future. The second example is exclusively positive, and is focused only in the present.

How to Write an Affirmation

We have already seen the two main elements of a good affirmation, which is being positive and being in the present. Secondly, it is better to focus on actual situations in your life, and be specific and concise. Instead of mentioning a general desire of being rich, you could focus on a specific positive condition in your life. For instance, “My business is booming and I am making great profits” is a much better affirmation, if you are a businessperson. Also, do not create long drawn out sentences, as they can confuse the subconscious mind, which you are actually trying to program by these affirmations.

However, you can practice broader affirmation of life, as well as affirmation of the day. Life affirmations will provide the canvas on which your life is progressing and give it a spiritual direction. Daily affirmations will tackle day-to-day problems and negative tendencies that you may be prone.

To make affirmations effective, they have to be repeated throughout the day, whenever you are in a relaxed state of mind. Just when you awake in the morning and before falling asleep at night are excellent times for affirmations. Do not make it a chore, rather do it packed with emotion, and with full belief in what you are saying. You will surprised, how fast you start getting results, and the way your life changes for the better.

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