The Law of Attraction – Is It Real?

You may be wondering if the Law of Attraction is real or not. Perhaps it sounds too good to be true. I challenge you to work for seven days to determine whether or not the Law of Attraction works. Here’s how.

Day 1: Make a space to sit and be quiet for awhile. Make sure you are alone and will not be interrupted. Relax in whatever position you have chosen, and allow your brain to go through the idle monkey chatter it is used to. Do not get up until your brain has calmed down. You may sense an urgent, almost dire need to get up and leave the room. Do not cave. This is your mind resisting you. If you make it through this stage and your mind quiets, you have completed Day 1.

Day 2: Again, return to your private spot. Repeat the technique from Day 1 until you are at the end. It should be much easier the second time. Now, select a desire you have, something that you would really enjoy, but that you aren’t in need of. An iPod or similar electronic device, or jewelry are good examples. Now daydream for as long as you like about having what you want. Do not daydream about how you receive it, just about having it. Allow yourself to feel excited. When you feel done, you’re done.

Days 3, 4 and 5: Repeat the steps from Day 2.

Day 6: Begin to keep your eyes peeled for ways in which your desire may manifest. With anything that seems like an opportunity for your desired object or circumstance to arrive, pay close attention. If nothing happens, nothing happens. But it is entirely possible that something will happen out of the usual today. If you manage to perceive it and act on it, you are headed in the right direction.

Day 7: Remain in your receptive, alert state of mind. Again, you may receive your desire, you may not. But if you do not remain alert, you have no chance. If you are successful, wonderful, but if not, I kind of tricked you.

You see, even if you weren’t successful within 7 days, chances are that within the next week or two or even the next month or two, your desire will manifest. You may feel free to dismiss the Law of Attraction until that point. All I wanted to do was set things in motion for you. When your desire manifests, you will recognize it immediately. Welcome to the Law of Attraction.

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