The Law of Attr-Action

The Law of Attraction has a very appealing message for people everywhere: you can manifest anything you want in your life.  Many people struggle with the simple techniques given, working hard to visualize, feel, and manifest their desires.  Many fail due to overlooking one important key in the manifestation process: action.

The universe, physical reality, our external reality, is a living, organic process.  Think of the way this process generally occurs.  You go places, interact with people, do things, and come home.  There are a lot of verbs when it comes to living.  All of these actions are experiences, and each of these experiences has been created/attracted by you.

Why then would you expect to visualize having something and think it would merely appear before your eyes?  When you want flowers or plants in your garden, you drive to the store and buy seeds, return home and plant them.  You create an action that results in your desire.  When you visualize a desire you want to manifest, you must be prepared for the action that will be needed in order to bring that creation into being.

Let’s say you want to be rich.  You visualize it daily.  In talking to your friends, one of them mentions that they have an idea for a new business.  While sitting at home, you get a call out of the blue from someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile, and in talking they mention a new business they’ve started.  You speak to your coworkers each day, and one of them mentions a business idea they’d love to do if they only had the time.

Any one of those three could have been your trigger.  When something is being attracted to you, the way in which it appears is going to be as organic as your regular daily life.  One of those business opportunities may have been the one to boost you ahead into riches.  Of course, how would you know which one?

When you begin doing these attraction exercises you’ve learned, become hyper-aware for about a day or three after you do them.  Anything out of the ordinary is of interest to you.  Anything someone says that is unusual for them is information for you.  You may turn on the radio and hear the end of a sentence that makes sense to you (but you would never have noticed).  Maybe an odd bumper sticker is on the car in front of you.  Anything like this can be a message back from the universe.  Answers and information from the universe appear in organic ways, and the physical things you consider mundane and normal are often the medium through which these messages appear.

When a possibility is presented to you, act upon it!  This is the way by which you accept your manifestation.  In most cases, your desire will appear organically as a normal, seemingly-mundane opportunity.  Something… slightly out of the ordinary.  Something that offers you a new option.  Act upon it and your desire will come through.

Even when you are not actively attempting to manifest something, keep a keen awareness in your daily life.  You are always receiving messages from the universe, but you don’t see them, recognize them, or acknowledge them.  Become aware of the fact that many little mundane things throughout your day are actually messages.  This system of guidance will help you in every endeavour, especially in manifestation.  Good luck!

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  3. Tammie says:

    Very informative read about law of attraction.

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