The Incredible Power of Affirmations over the Quality Your Life


affirmationsControl your world with your mind. It may sound like an impossible task but we do it every day. I know some people who control their world negatively and ruin everything before anything good can happen to them. They leave the house thinking that they are going to hit heavy traffic on the way to work or they plan a date just certain that the other man or woman will cancel at the last minute. In the end, it usually works out that way.

I have seen how some people let one setback ruin the rest of their day. They spill coffee on their clothes just as they arrive at work and mutter something along the lines that it had to happen to them just at that moment. The tone is set for the rest of the day. Their day might be much different if they had rejoiced at making so many green lights on the way to work or that their significant other had called to wish them a good day while they waited at a red light.

We make our life as pleasant as we want. It may sound unrealistic. After all, we know that people truly suffer every day from situations that cannot be resolved with positive thinking. However, you can go to any prison and find men and women who are miserable alongside those who are almost ecstatic with happiness. The difference? The way that each of them confronts his or her daily existence with or without daily positive affirmations.

Tips for Your Daily Positive Affirmations

Thinking positively, though, is not easy. I have assembled some tips to help you start thinking positively about your life and feeling better in general.

  • Use the Present Tense
    Do not wish for things. Wishing leaves room for doubt. Instead of saying that you hope today turns out well for you, tell yourself that this is the greatest day of your life. Instead of wishing for a great date, meet your date and tell yourself that this is the best night of your life.
  • Remain Positive
    No matter what happens, phrase the situation in positive turns. When your car breaks down on the highway, tell yourself that you have an unexpected opportunity to get some exercise.
  • Be Brief
    Your subconscious mind does not incorporate long, complex thoughts. Keep all these messages to yourself as brief as possible. One brief sentence, repeated as necessary, can get you through a whole day.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    Stay on message. Use the same positive thought again and again. Eventually, it will sink into your mind like a house settling on its foundation.
  • Have Fun
    Keep these messages to yourself light. A funny thought has a more powerful effect on your subconscious than a solemn contemplation.
  • Believe
    Believe in the power of affirmations to control the quality of your life. Without this belief, the previous tips are useless.

Everything good that you have in your life is a result of your believing and thinking positively. For more of the same, you need daily positive affirmations.

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