The End of Self Improvement?


I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of the TV program Big Brother. There’s a version in almost every country in the world.

For those of you, who haven’t seen this program, let me give you a quick synopsis. Thousands of wannabee celebrities write into this program and are then narrowed down to about 12 unlucky people. They then live in a house, cut off from the outside world with cameras watching their every move, 24/7.

Each week the public vote out one person who is then booed by the mindless crowd waiting outside …at least that’s the way it is in the UK (which leaves a worrying conclusion about the negativity of the masses – see our Positive Vibrations Program below)

However one thing I do find fascinating with the program is the social experiments that Big Brother forces onto the contestants, plus the psychological evaluations that experts give each week.

This year has been particularly interesting in the UK Big Brother house as they have been testing contestant’s psychic powers and shared dreams.

We’ve witnessed twins sending mental pictures to each other’s minds with incredible accuracy.

We’ve seen people who have dreamed about events while they were actually happening in other parts of the house, and we’ve seen people share the same dreams.

Last Sunday the panel of expert psychologists were talking this phenonema and explained how the contestants minds were joined together at a deeper level…

It seems that more and more experts are now confirming the existence of this interconnectedness of minds. And this joining of minds explains why so many of Jim Francis’s mind power programs work so well… how we can connect with and communicate with anyone in the world in subjective communication, how we can influence other people’s actions in Remote Influencing and how we can attract love or rekindle romance in Contact.

However there’s more to this…

In ‘Mindsurge: The Consciousness Revolution’ (taken from Jim Francis’s Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Technology), Jim says “It now appears that if enough humans have learned something, then it becomes easier for all humans to learn it. Rupert Sheldrake, the famous biologist, calls this shared intelligence the morphogenetic field.”

So according to the morphogentic theory above – If enough humans have learned how to discover the full potential of their mind, it will be easier for all humans to learn to be more, do more and have more.

… And that’s why I love the morphogenetic field theory – it takes the self out of self improvement. Your efforts at improving your life and your loved ones might possibly have a much wider effect…

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