Taking Positive Action Sets Events in Motion

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Take ActionTaking positive action sets in motion the powerful consequences of cause and effect, generating new opportunities, re-establishing connections with old friends, family members and business associates and creating pathways for financial and career advancement. Every task begins with the first step, but real-world troubles often convince people to give up on their hopes and dreams, sublimate their personal ambitions in favor of their children or get stuck in daily routines.

How to Take Positive Action

I have found that nothing gets accomplished unless you are willing to take the first step to make changes. For example, I always wanted to write in my youth, but rejections and the need for a steady income caused me to put the dream on hold for many years. After several decades, I had all but given up on ever writing professionally. I continued to read voraciously, however, so I was actually taking positive steps toward my writing goal. Eventually, I became disabled and lost my restaurant business, qualifying for Social Security disability checks.

Looking for something to occupy my time, I explored the Internet and discovered technology that didn’t exist when I was younger. Global promotions, website copy, search engine optimization techniques and blog posts have created a huge demand for articles and freelance writers. I joined two writing services by submitting samples of my writing skills.

  • The first step was my reading habit, which kept me familiar with writing styles and helped me develop a strong vocabulary.
  • Applying for the writing jobs resulted in finding paid writing assignments.
  • ¬†I quickly advanced to the top levels at both writing services by refreshing my knowledge of grammar and proofreading skills while learning to research topics more accurately on the Internet.
  • ¬†Advancing to the highest skill levels has generated higher payment rates so that now I earn more money writing than I did at other jobs in my life.

I can work my own hours, choose my writing projects and call myself a professional writer at last.

Taking Positive Action Creates Opportunities

Daydreaming about possibilities makes them seem remote and unattainable, but people accomplish incredible feats every day by taking positive steps forward. Each action causes some sort of reaction according to Newton’s Third Law. If you stay home and never make contact with other people, then you will unlikely find windfalls, make social connections, generate business opportunities or change your life in a positive way.

The power of positive action doesn’t just apply to personal circumstances but also helps other people change their circumstances. My sister Mary, who trained as a nurse, underwent spinal surgery for scoliosis and suffered severe side effects that included pain, depression and a bipolar mental disorder. The wife and mother lost her job, abandoned her family, became addicted to painkillers and disappeared.

Periodically, I would come in contact with my sister unexpectedly, and I continually reminded her that her family loved her and wanted her to return home. Mary resisted my words for several years, disappearing for long periods of time. However, my actions set in motion a chain of events that led to Mary’s eventual return to her family and recovery of her former caring personality.

Positive Change Requires Action

Regardless of spiritual beliefs, all worthwhile accomplishments begin with positive actions. You might wonder how to take positive action, but the process is actually very simple. Request some literature, join a community group, apply for a new job or offer to help friends or family members with some task or responsibility. Each action creates more possibilities in the universe, and your positive action propels you into new situations where you might discover financial opportunities, companionship, personal satisfaction and unexpected windfalls. Taking positive action could lead to finding a new job, career advancement, reconnecting with old friends or realizing lifelong dreams.

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