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Taking Positive Action Works toward Positive Results


TakeActionThe power of taking positive action might seem relatively self-evident, but you often get stuck in holding patterns that provide the comfort of daily routine. Each day offers new opportunities for succeeding in business, reconnecting with old acquaintances, redressing old grievances and changing your life in positive ways. People don’t get anything handed to them unless they take forward-looking steps first. Progressive actions encourage windfalls, facilitate career advancements, and create opportunities, which could involve love, business, travel, education, living environment or friendship. The New Year is a great time to think about life, past accomplishments and future possibilities, but thinking and daydreaming is not enough. Take steps to fulfill your goals.

Aging slows some people’s inner fire, and they find themselves avoiding the risks they took when younger. Dealing with the daily grind of work, raising a family and juggling personal obligations could change your attitude, leading to complacency. You can break out of this mindset by remembering how to take action. The universe or karma creates millions of chances for improving your circumstances, but you have to take positive action to find them. Even lottery winners and people who inherit money don’t get free rides: winners must buy tickets and heirs and heiresses must please their benefactors or at least continue living. Although these actions may seem trivial, they consist of positive actions that make the windfalls possible.

How to Take Positive Action

Positive actions make change possible, and each step leads to other actions and results. You’ve probably heard of the butterfly effect, the theoretical premise that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings could change the course of history. Each action you take brings consequences, and these changes bring other opportunities that you could leverage into a viral effect by continuing to pursue a positive course.

• If you always dreamed of buying a home but never dared, then you could begin by checking real estate listings.

• Career advancement or new jobs could change your life. You might start the process by updating and polishing your resume and beginning to look for places to send it.

• Old friends and business connections drift apart. Try connecting with an estranged colleague by searching online or through social media connections. You might be surprised to find your college roommate now heads a Fortune-500 company. A colleague who shared your same lowly status in the past might own a prosperous company and take great delight in hearing from you.

• Friends and customers who moved away could have returned to the area and want to reconnect. Searching for old friends and even enemies could help to initiate positive changes in your life.

• Connect with your past dreams and give them second chances. Maybe you wanted to write a novel, try out for an acting role in the theater or the movies, start a business of your own or return to spiritual or religious pursuits. Take a small positive step to open new possibilities, and you can decide later whether they are worth pursuing.

The availability of the Internet, social media connections and mobile technology make it easy to begin many kinds of searches, communications and research about positive goals that you’ve put aside too long. Taking positive action today and every day helps you realize the promise of a New Year, new life and greater freedom from the restrictions of negativity.


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