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How to Take Action in Your Life


Take ActionYou have figured out how to authentically envision what you want out of life. By learning to think positively, you continue to attract more and more positive occurrences and surround yourself with happiness. Together, these two techniques should have made you strong enough to take the next step: make things happen. Now you need to learn how to take action.

If you let your dreams remain nothing more than that—dreams—then this begs the question: were the dreams really important to you? Were you wasting your time meditating on your hopes and fears? Do you mean what you say about wanting to do this or that? If you do not take positive action, you could fall back into old habits, feeling discouraged and negative about your abilities.

Then again, learning how to take action also involves knowing when the moment is right. Most people are aware of a gut feeling; of an instinct which tells them when action is a good idea. Just because doing something (taking a holiday, moving to a new house, writing a book) is scary does not mean it is the wrong action to take, but there is a difference between fear and wariness. Listen to that inner voice. Usually, it is right.

Still, you cannot rest on the idea for too long. If no opportunities are presented to you, make these opportunities for yourself. Of course, when it comes to writing a book, you simply have to start writing. It is the publishing part which is most frightening. Perform the necessary research. Send the book off. If you fear anything it will be how good your timing is, but your gut will tell you when the book is ready. If you want to ask someone out on a date and move on after a failed relationship, your instincts will tell you when you have chosen someone who is a good match. This is a fear you must simply overcome. The most important aspect of learning how to take action is probably the element of overcoming fears of personal failure, but you tackled those with positive thinking and meditation, so you are ready for the challenge.

Also, you are ready to face the possibility that you will be rejected by a person or a publishing company. You might suddenly need to repair your home after an accident and have to put off your holiday dreams for another year. The thing is, once you take action, you know you can do it again and experience the excitement of taking a step forward in your life.

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