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Build Inner Strength by Expressing Gratitude


gratitudeExpressing gratitude allows you to be fulfilled with what you have in life. This does not mean that you do not dream of more; it simply allows a sense of fulfillment to permeate your consciousness. While you can still aspire to greater achievements, knowing how to express gratitude allows you to experience a deep sense of peace and well-being at a core level.

One of the easiest ways to live in a state of greater peace is to wake each morning, expressing gratitude before you even get out of bed. In the stillness of the morning as you slowly wake, take a few moments to be thankful for all of the blessings in your life. Rather than spend your first waking moments tabulating all of the items on your to-do list, opt instead to feel the blessings in your life at an emotional level. Even the smallest of factors can be reason for grateful celebration. The warmth of your comfortable bed, the softness of the pillow beneath your head; no blessing is too small to celebrate. If you make a habit out of this practice, you will likely find you proceed through your day in a much happier state of being.

If you find yourself slipping out of the habit of morning thankfulness, try adding this twist to your morning routine (a personal favorite). Using a whiteboard marker (not a permanent marker), write one message of gratitude on your mirror. It can be on your bedroom mirror or your bathroom mirror: wherever you will see your message the most. From a quick note like “Today I am blessed because…” to a list of your blessings like “My warm home, my furry dog, and the smell of my freshly laundered clothes”; no opportunity to be grateful is too small to overlook. Each morning you can erase the words of the day before (whiteboard marker on glass or mirror is erasable) and start your day with a fresh perspective on the blessings in your life. Not only does this practice allow you to find even more opportunities for expressing gratitude, it gives you the opportunity to review your previous day’s progress in your attempt to live a more grateful life.

If you find yourself struggling in any particular area of your life, chances are good your struggle will seem a little less overwhelming if you choose to approach your challenges in a state of peaceful gratitude. The hurdles you face seem a little less daunting if you approach them as an opportunity to learn and a place from which to grow. Learning how to express gratitude even when you are challenged not only brings a sense of greater peace, it can also build your inner strength in unimaginable bounty.

Expressing gratitude does not have to mean settling for the status quo. It can instead be an opportunity for celebration. Making grateful expression a daily occurrence can be one of the most life-affirming habits you enjoy. The happiness and sense of peace you experience gives you yet another opportunity to be grateful.


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