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Gain the Most from Your Meditation Experience


Gain the Most from Your Meditation ExperienceFor centuries meditation has been used for a variety of ailments. Meditation is a proven method that helps to alleviate headaches, cure insomnia, relieve stress and even aid in a person’s effort to lose unwanted body fat and extra weight.

If you are a beginner you may be wondering, “How do you meditate?” Although there are tons of articles and thousands of so called meditation experts and amateurs alike that have tried to define how to meditate properly there is truly no one way of how to meditate properly. There are, however, numerous ways to learn how to meditate successfully in your own unique way with several suggestions.

Environment: In order to start meditating you will need to find an atmosphere that is suitable. Think about what type of setting makes you feel most relaxed and calm. The place that makes you feel more composed and stress-free is the area where you will be meditating and it should not have any obvious distractions. Colors play a role in attaining an environment suitable for meditation. Your special mediation area should be void of certain colors. Those colors include anything neon, bright yellows and bold reds. Strive to find a location to meditate that has soft colors, such as ivory, sage greens and calm blues.

Practice: Have you ever heard of the phrase “practice makes perfect”? The saying is true. The more you practice the art of meditation the more comfortable you will feel while doing it and you will reap the many benefits of the art. Learning how to properly meditate does not happen overnight, one must be consistent. You can start by meditating five minutes a day, and then gradually increase the time that you are meditating. Meditation is an art that requires cognitive will and patience, so it can take months, sometimes years, to meditate properly in your own exclusive way and become truly familiar with the art of meditation.

Affirmations: Using affirmations, or mantras, while meditating is completely optional, but most people who meditate find it beneficial to use affirmations while meditating. So how do you meditate while using affirmations? Well, it is simple. Simply speak a sentence that is powerful and meaningful to you, over and over, in a calm tone, with your eyes closed while meditating. An example of an affirmation while meditating is “I love God and God is love” or “Money, money come to me”. There are a variety of affirmations that you can use to suit your needs while meditating.

Appropriate Posture: Posture is an important ingredient to meditating properly. Do not slouch and hold your spine straight.

Learn: There is no greater way to learn how you can meditate properly without first learning different styles and techniques of meditating. There are plenty of meditation how to guides that are available in book form or as tutorial videos in stores and online.

The most important thing to remember is that what effort you put into your meditation practice is exactly what you will get back in your meditation experience.


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