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I welcome guest posters, but I do have a few rules. Please read them carefully before you submit a guest post through my Contact form.

Guest posts are a great way to brand yourself, generate traffic to your blog and get a free anchored text backlink to your blog from this authority blog.

Here are the requirements for a guest post:

  1. Posts must be at least 500 words and be on a topic that is relevant to this blog’s content: The Law of Attraction Library is centered around finding the current information to assist you in reaching your full potential. Please take a look at the categories in the sidebar to see if your content will be a good fit.
  2. Post must be grammatically correct and well written & thought out.
  3. Content in the post must be 100% unique and not published anywhere else on the web and not reworked content from a content spinner.
  4. Content must be 100% yours and not a copyright infringement on someone else’s work.
  5. Your post may be slightly edited. Don’t be alarmed. I won’t change the intent or your voice, only make any small tweaks that I see fit to optimize the post for my own purposes.
  6. You agree by submitting content to The Law of Attraction Library you relinquish any rights of ownership of your content without limitation or constraint and you WILL NOT submit or publish the content on any other website.
  7. Most importantly the post must be high quality unique content in a conversational tone. Don’t waste your time submitting junk article. If your post is not high quality and has grammar issues it will not be posted.
  8. Please include your byline. This should be one or two sentences introducing yourself to my readers. Please include the name of your blog to be backlinked. No more than two links, please. (Feel free to include your links in parentheses behind your blog’s name. I will add them where they need to go.)
  9. Please help promote your guest post. It builds trust when your readers see you out and about on other blogs. I’m a bit of a stickler about this. If I see your intention was to “set it and forget it,” you may find that is what I do with it also.
  10. Please be patient. I’m a busy guy. That’s one of the reasons I allow guest posts. Please allow me up to 7 days from submission to get back to you. If you don’t hear from me by then, feel free to follow up.

Do not be deterred by any of the above. These are standard guest posting procedures. If I trust your intent and you are providing value to my readers, you should have no problem with acceptance. Now head on to my Contact form and send me that fabulous guest post.