Spirituality eBooks


A New Christ – was Wallace Wattles’ very first book and has been virtually forgotten about having been out of print for the past hundred years, yet it remains on of the finest, if not the finest book on primitive Christianity ever written. In it he describes with brilliant clarity what Jesus the man really stood for, and why He was despised and put to death. He goes on to explain what Jesus meant when He said “The works that I do, you shall do also, and much greater works”, and how this can really be so.

Byways to Blessedness – Life is full of beginnings. They are presented every day and every hour to every person. Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant, but in reality they are the most important things in life.

Four Seasons – is the story of a man and his family, confronted with unavoidable tragedy, and their journey through this year of their life. The story shows the commonness of the lives we all live.

Handbook for the New Paradigm – This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to the forefront of each individual’s thoughts the question of why my, why now and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing.

Handbook of the Navigator – There are experiences in life that mere words cannot express. The only way to truly understand them is to directly experience them for yourself.

How to Find Your Real Self – Always remember one thing. You need no intermediary between you and your God. Your God knows you, but you have not as yet known your God. Go find Him, and you will then discover that you really are “a special enterprise on the part of God.”

How to See the Aura – What is the aura, where does it come from and what is its purpose? Is there a connection between the aura and the universe? Is the aura the same as the soul? I will answer these questions and many more in the following…

No Time for Karma – Today, as we prepare to cross the cusp, somewhere near the beginning of the 21st century, from the Picean age into the Aquarian age, we see that the human mind en masse has been opened to the search for peace, harmony, spirituality and the limitless possibilities of everything that we once thought of as mysticism or science fiction into our intimate personal realities.

Quantum Power Code – Insight, Mind Power & Synchronicity

Science of Mind – The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes originally copyrighted and published in 1926 has lain dormant in the back room of time.

Universal Philosophy – In my search for what “works” in life, I’ve found that the spiritual approach is the most practical one.

We Are God – This e-book is for the open minded, who are genuinely searching for answers. I can give the best evidence in the world to someone who is unwilling to accept it, and it will not be accepted. I can give proof that 1+1=2 to someone who is unwilling to accept it, and it will not be accepted. If you find yourself here with a cynical mind, that is alright. If you are completely closed to other ways of viewing the world and God, however, this e-book is probably not for you.