What is Our Purpose in Life?

The only way to achieve your goals in life is to have a clear understanding of what you really want in life.  All of your goals should be something that you want with all of your heart and soul.  Once you can clearly picture your life purpose, you can start to work towards living aContinue Reading

Managing My Time And Priorities

Have you ever noticed how mundane things clamour for your action while the worthwhile things get relegated behind? Personal discipline is needed to take control of your life – Otherwise the penalty is frustration. Frustration then in turns gives way to depression when you finally throw in the towel. After that, depression leads to compulsiveContinue Reading

Would You Like to Set Your Goals the Easy Way?

What do top of the line athletes, successful businessmen, and all types of achievers in varied fields have in common? They all have successfully learned the essentials of goal setting. Your goals afford short and long-term motivation and focus. A strong center point will help point out your strengths and opportunities for enhancement. This willContinue Reading

What is Lucid Dreaming?

. . You may have heard of lucid dreams before, but what are they? Are they just vivid dreams, like nightmares? Or are they something more? In fact, a lucid dream is as real an event as anything that happens in your daily life. Someone experiencing a lucid dream is in the same state theyContinue Reading

Benefits of Conscious Astral Travel

Before anyone really begins to learn astral travel, it is best to learn everything that comes with it. The benefits of conscious astral travel are many and each time you leave your body to travel in an alternate dimension or plane, you reap their benefits. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes toContinue Reading