Focusing On the Ends versus the Means

The most common mistakes committed by most individuals while using the Law of Attraction is to confuse the end goals with the means used to achieve the end goals. Tapping In End goals are essentially outcomes that a person is not willing to compromise with and the end goals often describe exactly what the personContinue Reading

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

Since the movie The Secret came out, people across the world have taken a fascination with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that we manifest reality through our thoughts and intentions. But does this “law” have any scientific confirmation? Currently, the most misunderstood branch of science is quantum physics. Quantum physics investigatesContinue Reading

Being Very Clear About What You Want

The Law of Attraction provides one of the most powerful ways of achieving success and your heart’s desires. But for the Law of Attraction to work in an effective manner it is extremely important to have a clear and consistent intention. Clear and Consistent By having a clear and consistent intention a vibration match willContinue Reading

Revealing The Missing Keys to Manifesting All Your Desires

Enoch Tan, a mind researcher on consciousness and universal science has released a new and revolutionary Ebook called “Manifestation Keys – Secrets To Manifesting All Your Desires!” This Ebook is specially designed to teach you the deeper secrets of the law of attraction which was popularized in the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. TheContinue Reading

How to Take Action with the Law of Attraction

. . When you begin working with the Law of Attraction more proactively, you may wonder whether you need to take physical action in addition to your mental and emotional exercises. The answer to this will vary depending upon who you ask. There are those who claim that no action is needed; just directing theContinue Reading