Making Positive Eating Choices with the LOA

The Law of Attraction can bring abundance into every aspect of your life. What if having too much is your problem? For people who are overweight, too much of a good thing became excess pounds. That puts the entire body out of balance and sets you up for many negative health consequences. So you tryContinue Reading

Like Attracts Like

The debate about Law of Attraction can be found all the way back to the 19th century and like all pseudo-spiritual and spiritual movements the debate about Law of Attraction did not come from channeled entities. Thomas Troward started the New Thought Movement in the 19th century in the United States and had a strongContinue Reading

Can You Bring People Closer With the Law of Attraction?

Being positive and keeping a good outlook on life is going to be critical to having great success and being the person that you would like to become.  Knowing that you have the future that you deserve and getting closer to those closest to you will make you feel better and give you the senseContinue Reading

Lesson XIX – A Concentrated Will Development

A Concentrated Will Development. A most effective and practical method of developing the Will. Practical exercises. Will training without exercises. Will-power can overcome big obstacles. The Will to win. Man an unknown quality until his powers are developed. Ability plentiful, but organizing, initiative and creative power not so plentiful. The driving force within. read moreContinue Reading

Can You Use The Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Desires

  When you have desires in life you want to make happen you will want to use the Law of Attraction to make it work. You want to think about the things in life that you truly want and how to get them. When you apply the Law of Attraction you will discover that thingsContinue Reading