How Does Quantum Physics Relate to The Law of Attraction?

. . I have noticed that more and more people are musing about the possible connection between scientific laws and the laws that seem to govern thoughts and feelings. The law of attraction, according to some of the things that I have read, may interact with the laws of quantum physics. This newer branch ofContinue Reading

The Power of Personal Affirmation

A personal affirmation is quite powerful and can change the course of your life for the better. It is a technique to take charge of your life, and steer your way to success. Affirmations can effectively remove beliefs that are self-limiting, and tune your mind to achieve success in any chosen pursuit. Affirmations will alwaysContinue Reading

Can Goal Setting be used to Complete Your Education

There is a wise saying that says it is never too late to follow your dreams. This is especially true when it comes to completing your post high school college degree. Several adults drop out of college for different reasons and then wish later that they had finished their degrees. The truth is that youContinue Reading

Real Stories of Law of Attraction Success

The Law of Attraction is a high sounding theory until you see how it works for real people. That’s when you find these principles are more than just good reading – they are good for living an abundant life. It’s no wonder that books telling stories of real people who experienced the Law of AttractionContinue Reading

Law of Attraction: A Practical Guide on How to Start (I)

. . So much information drive you insane? Y ou read, hear, write down but you haven't started yet? Remember the Law of Attraction requires (as a basic part, you may see later) to take Action. Leave so much theory aside and read this work to discover the simplest way to start this phenomenal excitement.Continue Reading