Observing The Law Of Attraction In Action – Beyond Coincidence

The law of attraction is in action all around you constantly.Download Winrar You simply have not been shown the perspective that allows you to witness it! It’s as though we’ve been wearing blinders which filter out the brightest light, veiling the true wonders which saturate our world.

There is no coincidence. There I said it! Sure to spark a mix-bag of emotions but a true statement none the less. Destiny is written by the hand who writes it and that person is YOU my friend! I’ll tell you one of the most amazing feelings I get is when I notice a “coincidence” and then realize why it isn’t one. Back-tracking to the thoughts which attracted it and WHAM it’s as clear as day! Like an answered prayer it always brings a smile to my face!

Most of us need to be taught how to see these miracles. We’ve forgotten the wonder and amazement of youth and surrendered our minds for the most part to an accepted sense of cruel, cold, chaos. But you can see the law of attraction in action all around you! In every purposeful endeavor. Every fulfilled desire no matter how small. Every accomplishment, every lucky(or unlucky) break. Every time you get a phone call out of the blue from someone you were just thinking about. Even the weather and world events!

Yes, we all have a hand in this world far exceeding the grip of our own reality. All that we think and feel resonates from deep within our minds and either harmonizes, or disrupts, the frequencies which stir around us. In fact, all that we think and feel CAUSES the law of attraction to take action around us! And it does this on a much grander scale than we realize. Science has merged with this concept and has proven thoughts determine observed results in experiments on the sub-atomic level. Now if thoughts can alter the outcome of an elementary particles’ existence, surely it can create, alter, and attract our perceived reality!

To see the law of attraction in action, all you have to do is test it out! This is fun and exciting and never ceases to amaze. Start small and work your way up. As you gain proficiency in this exercise you will naturally want to try bigger and better “manifestations”. As your ability to recognize the law of attraction in action around you increases, you will be able to see through the mask of coincidence and into the true nature of the cosmos. You will even learn to predict the outcome of certain events!Download Winrar Free

You can try thinking of a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Someone you do not expect to have contact with in the near future. Just spend some time each day thinking about this person, what you like most and appreciate about them, and how great it would be to from them. That’s it! Don’t do anything else but think and feel those positive emotions whenever you think about it during your day. I guarantee you within 2 days that person will call, show up at your door, or contact you in some way!

Try the same exercise outlined above with a certain food you want but never get because it is outside what’s immediately available in your daily routine. Try it to manifest money, or something you want but never really thought about because you didn’t think you could get it right now. Remember, start small and build up. Not because you can’t do the big ones yet, but because you don’t BELIEVE you can! You haven’t convinced yourself through success so you currently lack the confidence to create something magnificent. Find something small enough that you feel confident you can try and DO it! Even the smallest success is every bit a miracle as the largest!

Your thoughts and feelings are the cause of the law of attraction taking action in your life. Birthing the effects and circumstances which contribute to the situations of today and tomorrow. You have the power to set in motion the events which can either stifle and regress your momentum, or snowball your path to success. You have to CHOOSE to think positively and more importantly “feel good” about what you have and what you want. Learn the art of expressing gratitude for past, current, and future things and set the law of attraction into action for your life.winrar Download Free When you do this, you always win, even if you don’t always know how!

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