Meet Rhonda Byrne, the creator ofThe Secret (for real) Inside The Secret…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the wildly popular film and best-selling book, The Secret, by now.

The stars of the show have appeared everywhere from CNN to Oprah, Larry King to Show Biz Tonight and The New York Times.

But what nobody has shared yet is the REAL story.

So when I found out my friends at Healthy Wealthy nWise were providing an authorized, intimate portrait with creator and executive producer, Rhonda Byrne, I had to check it out. By the way, they’re calling it The Story Behind The Secret.

Rhonda is using this interview to share her side of the story about The Secret and the way it is gaining massive momentum on the way to bringing Joy to Billions. Just as she and her team intended it would back in 2004.

What you haven’t heard in all the media frenzy is Rhonda Byrne’s intimate REAL story behind The Secret that must be told.

In this heart-felt one-on-one interview, Marci Shimoff (co-author of the mega-best-seller Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul & star of The Secret) will ask Rhonda many of your burning questions that weren’t asked in the mainstream media.

If you wanted to know …
* the inside story behind the creation and unfolding of The
Secret that the other guys glossed over…

* the unique never-before-revealed way she used the
principles of The Secret herself to turn The Secret into a
global phenomenon (6 million people in Ghana, Africa who
would never have been able to experience this wisdom were
able to watch the secret for FREE because of this

* about the surprising plans for The Secret II…

Then this interview is a must.

So here is the really great part, when I talked to my friends over at Healthy Wealthy nWise and they told me I could invite you to attend the LIVE Story Behind The Secret Interview as my guest – for no charge!

Your ticket is waiting for you at…

Now the publicity for this interview is massive so space is very limited. With millions of promotional emails going out and a massive publicity campaign rolling out the capacity for the call will be maxed out fast.

So to collect your ticket and secure your seat to the Live Story Behind The Secret interview go to

Log-in with your name and email address and follow the simple instructions.

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