Law of Attraction: A Practical Guide on How to Start (I)


So much information drive you insane? Y ou read, hear, write down but you haven't started yet? Remember the Law of Attraction requires (as a basic part, you may see later) to take Action. Leave so much theory aside and read this work to discover the simplest way to start this phenomenal excitement.

Does the Law of Attraction appears fascinating but the overdose of info overwhelms you? Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Esther Hicks, and a lot more have much to do and say not know who to hear first? The speculation helps us to realise and reinforce our data but if too much reading is getting you into “paralysis for analysis”, then it isn't helping you much.

So today we’ll see how to practice the LOA (Ley de Atraccion) in your daily life (beginning immediately) in just 5 steps. Feeling like?

5 Steps to apply the Law of Attraction (and it actually works)

Step 1. Clarity:
The only possible way to attract and manifest your wants is to grasp clearly what they are, and you do not need much time for that, I suggest that you a little exercise, you only need about 10 minutes. Wish to do it?

Sit in a cosy position, keep a notebook and pencil in hand and shut your eyelids for a couple of seconds. Breathe efficiently and picture your ideal situation, imagine what fills you with joy and excitement. What if all you have need would manifest? How would you be? Who would you be, What would you have?, With whom would you share your day? Write down everything that pops into your head and pay attention to the emotions you're feeling when your feats, when your wishes materialise.

Step 2. Note: Now that you know what you want (it can be something little like a new computer or something as radical as changing roles and moving, it actually depends on you and your desires) you have to start giving continued attention to this need.

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