How NLP Can Transform Your Life

Will your life change with NLP?

“After finishing the NLP courses, it was made clear that I would never settle for anything especially when it means working at a job I loathed. It was my desire and ambition that made the decision factors for me. I have not even looked back after quitting my job, but it was mostly because of the support I got from my wife. Now, I am very happy with my job and I earn much more than what I used to but working for less hours.

Another good thing about it is that I can walk into big groups without feeling shy or anxious and that I have begun to face my fears while being able to find peace, both inside and out that I’ve been wanting for a very long time. This was just really a small note to let everyone know that miracles have been happening and I thank you for it.”

What About Your Life

The quote above is just one of the many testimonials of how NLP has really changed someone’s life for the better. I get emails like this every day and my heart just bursts with excitement but then, I also find news about all the Anti-NLPers out there in the world.

It is no secret that NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming has become a very controversial subject. While there is no denying the usefulness of NLP to business, education, coaching and personal development, many people still criticize it as something that’s overrated and useless. These criticisms are usually made by those who have no experience in NLP whatsoever. The reason why it receives a lot of negative feedback is because Neuro-linguistic Programming is still under so much research and debate, being a science that has not yet been fully discovered. So the question really is, is NLP worth it and will it really give your life a do over?

I must warn you though, before you delve further more into this topic.

There really is no truth but only how you perceive it.

Even I often say these words right before I start my trainings. Those who support the trainings in NLP will find out that aside from the tools used, NLP also teaches the way or the attitude that will enable one to make a change and see results.

  • The outlook of curiosity is taught in NLP.
  • Keeping an opened mind is taught in NLP.
  • Flexibility is taught in NLP.

It might seem difficult to grasp the thought of NLP, as there are really no facts that can be seen, but there are models. It really is just up to the person whether or not to accept these models.

People who are mature and open enough to entertain their curiosity will get the best results with the applied lessons from NLP.

“The mind, like a parachute, only works when it is opened.”
Dr. Krasner

It’s not really about doubting NLP or not but more about making NLP work and putting in that effort to make it work.

Students in NLP will learn how to apply the way of thinking that proves productive for them. They will learn how their belief of themselves will result to change. The importance of life, spirituality, career, relationships, fitness and health will also be taught. It’s all about learning how to change their way of automatic thinking to something that they can better adjust to their personal habits and turn those unhelpful responses into something productive.

Negative thoughts, limitations and emotions will be driven away, as well as obstacles and fear, of which they will be taught how to deal with. Self-acceptance and forgiveness of others will also be taught as well as being happy with who they are and about themselves and setting up their future goals and fulfilling them. Somewhat like performing miracles in their own lives.

Though there is still little evidence scientifically that proves the success of NLP, but there are still many testimonials that really prove that it does work. That day will only come when scientists figure out the way to measure success, fulfillment and happiness.

Basically, NLP is really just about managing and training your mind, which really is quite an important skill to have in life, especially when it comes to happiness and success in life.

So, does NLP really have the power to change a life? It really is up to that person if they want to or not.

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