How Does Quantum Physics Relate to The Law of Attraction?


teacher drawI have noticed that more and more people are musing about the possible connection between scientific laws and the laws that seem to govern thoughts and feelings. The law of attraction, according to some of the things that I have read, may interact with the laws of quantum physics. This newer branch of physics has already upended a lot of the scientific framework from centuries past. It may also be playing a role in altering how we think about our inner desires and goals.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction simply states that like attracts like. This is not a reference to gravity or some other force of the universe. Instead, it refers to the way that people who think positive thoughts seem to realize positive results in their lives. This law is not just an emphasis on the power of self-esteem, either. People who truly believe in the law of attraction believe that their thoughts represent energy and can literally create physical changes in the universe.

According to such thinkers, if I open a stack of letters suspecting that I will find a bill, then that is what will happen. Had I used positive energy instead, I would have possibly found a check. I can use the same sort of thinking about my career and my relationships.

How Does Quantum Physics Impact the Law of Attraction?

A lot of people reject this idea but only because they have a very old-fashioned concept of the universe. They mistakenly think that science agrees with them in thinking that the Universe runs according to Newtonian principles that are cut and dry. Instead, according to the greatest minds of today in physics, the universe actually operates according to an odd set of physical laws that remain very mysterious.

The concept of quantum entanglement is an excellent example of a physical law that may allow people like me to alter what we perceive as reality with our thoughts and feelings. This is not simply a theory. Quantum entanglement is used every day in different science experiments and even by governments and powerful corporations to protect their data.

According to this concept, every two bodies that interact with each other continue to have some relationship with each other even after they have separated and put considerable distance between them. The bodies involved could be as small as atoms or as large as stars. Therefore, an effect on one body would always have some sort of impact on the other, though it would not be the same impact.

The Big Bang Theory, viewed from this viewpoint, suggests than that all matter is related in a quantum fashion because all matter goes back to one tiny but dense mass billions of years ago. Therefore, I am already connected in some fashion with those things that might arrive in the mail. Since I am conscious and can act independently, I can do something to have an effect on those things.

The only remaining question regards how to have an impact. I and everyone else have to determine what actions we can take to bring about those positive results that we want.

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