Help! I Want to Get Rid of My Girlfriend

I heard from a young man last week who was having trouble breaking off a relationship. He wanted to know how the Law of Attraction could help him.

Let’s consider this together. There were obviously some things about his girlfriend that were keeping him interested. So I asked him to list them. I also asked him to list what it was about her he didn’t like. It’s ok to consider things you don’t like about a person or job because once done they can be restated as positive attributes. It’s important to get very clear on what you’re looking for whether it’s in a person, a job, or any goal.

We then discussed turning those attributes he was looking for into positive affirmations. For example, I’m so happy and grateful that I have found a partner who shares my interest in spiritual pursuits. I’m so excited and thankful that I’ve found a partner who shares my interest in the outdoors. Go through each attribute and write an affirmation for each one. Start reviewing and reciting them each morning and afternoon. Place them around your bathroom mirror so that you can read them while at the sink in the morning.

Now that he knew what he was looking for we started the envisioning step. I asked him to paint a picture either in his mind, written, or drawn of his ideal partner. Was she a brunette? What type of body? What color hair. We then discussed closing his eyes and actually seeing this person, doing the things together that they both enjoy doing. It’s best to do this when going to bed at night and again when awakening in the morning. These are the times that you’re closest to alpha brainwave state and most susceptible to having you visions become part of you.

We then headed into the action step. He was on his way to a conference sponsored by Bob Proctor and some others from The Secret team. What an opportunity to meet others of like interests, I was really excited for him. This is a perfect example of taking action to achieve what you desire. Whatever your desire or goal you can’t just daydream about it. If it’s a car get the brochure, if it’s a job read the help wanted. You’ve got to listen to your heart and it will tell you what you need to do. The actions you need to take will start to reveal themselves to you.

So what’s next? Gratitude of course. Many people don’t really understand this step but it is crucial. Without belief that you will find your perfect partner or job or whatever I promise you… you NEVER will. You can’t be truly grateful for something you don’t believe you will have and gratitude helps you with that belief. If you’ll return to the affirmation step you’ll see I used the words I’m so happy and grateful that… Gratitude is not really a separate step in applying the Law of Attraction. It is used throughout the process. When you’re envisioning being with your new partner and experiencing the joy of spending time with this person show gratitude for the experience. When you’re taking action and going to the places where you see yourself finding your new partner believe that she will be there be grateful that you are in the right place to find your perfect partner.

Isn’t it wonderful how when you’re in tune with the Universe wonderful things just begin to happen? I just received a message from the young man who inspired this article. He’s back from the conference and he had a wonderful time. He didn’t mention finding the girl of his dreams there but there is no doubt in my mind that he is on his way and the young lady he is looking for will be in his life soon. He’s Applying the Law of Attraction and he knows it works.

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  2. Andy says:

    Great Post on Applying the Law of Attraction! Entertaining and educational!!! I love your site and look forward to visiting again! I have also posted a link to your site from mine!

    Stay Positive!


  3. Alison Lee says:


    This is a delightful example of how one can apply the Law of Attraction to work. I have a recent post about “Attracting Love” which is of a slightly different angle by starting working on your inner self first.

    Keep up with the good content!

    ps. To anyone who wants to learn more about Law of Attraction, I have a interview report with Bob Proctor, one of the teachers in the Secret movie. Visit here to get a complimentary copy :

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