Gratitude: The Secret to Changing Your Life

The largest obstacles standing in our way when we begin attempting to utilize the Law of Attraction are our current habitual thought processes.  Whether we realize it or not, most of us focus solely on our lacks, our wants, (also translated as “things we don’t have” or “lack”), and on the things that irritate us or stand in our way.  This is largely counterproductive, as what we are magnetizing is more lack and more irritation.

There is a fantastic trick to altering our mode of thought in a more positive, abundant direction.  This is the process of gratitude.

Take a moment and stop worrying about the things you need.  Stop worrying about the things you want.  Stop worrying about what’s going wrong and what you can’t do anything about.  Instead, focus on what it is in your own life that you already have that you are grateful for.  Do you have a significant other?  A child?  A great car?  A great computer?  Great friends?  A job you enjoy?  Even a book that you are reading right now that just tickles you pink is a good point of focus.

Become aware of the effect these things have on your life.  What would life be like without them?  Aren’t you grateful to have these things?  Focus on your gratitude for what you have.  Spend a little time every morning and every night feeling gratitude for the things you already have acquired or accomplished that have made your life better.

Now here’s the fun part.  When you focus on the things that you love and already have, you create a magnet to attract more things you will love and have.  When you are constantly grateful for your family, your house, your pets, or whatever, you are placing these positive emotions and thoughts out in front of your negative worries.  Now, the stronger of these thoughts (the positive ones) will begin to have the most effect on your manifestations.

Because you are now in a mindset of enjoying the things you have, you are in a present, positive state of mind which allows fast and easy attraction of more wonderful things and people into your life.  The irony is that most of us completely ignore and neglect that which we already have, and therefore we are creating even more lack in our lives – we are creating an energetic lack of that which we’ve already attracted!  That form of magnetizing will only continue to bring you things and experiences you do not desire.  Focusing on and developing gratitude causes your energy to focus on manifesting more reasons to be grateful.

And so it is that the simplest, most effective trick for manifesting things that you want is to stop and take the time to appreciate and enjoy the things that you already have.

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2 Responses to Gratitude: The Secret to Changing Your Life

  1. Nic says:

    I am a firm believer in “be very careful of what you wish for”. The people who worry and fret about awful things happening to them always seem to have awful things happen to them.

    Think positive. Find the good, focus on it, and make sure your doors are open so the all of that positive energy can flow on in.

    <3 Nic

  2. Ryan says:

    This life we are a part of is very beautiful. We are all powerful children of God. Its a blessing to know that as we fulfill our desires, we fulfill God’s. What makes a father more happy than to help his children feel and be all they can! What an amazing universe we all live in! Jesus did not walk to give us rule he walked to show us this. To show us all we are God’s children like him self! But we tend to be fools and have forgotten how to receive the abundant good in the universe. We are free! May everyone receive the knowledge that floods me daily. Walk free, walk proud, walk with strength with might, with love and joy. For ALL are God’s children!


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