Five Ways To Get Leverage On Yourself To Achieve Your Goals


five ways to get leverage on yourselfGoals are incredibly important for anyone with aspirations. In the business world, goals are what make people successful. There is one important caveat, however. The goals must be able to come to fruition. Resorting to a voluminous amount of them won’t ensure success. A thousand broken goals results in just as much success as ten. Which is to say, no success at all. The difficult part comes, however, in successfully completing these goals. Scientists have indicated that the biggest obstacle to completing tasks is literally starting them. Here are five ways to get leverage over yourself to complete your goals and tasks.

Write it Down

Studies have indicated that people who write down what they intend to do are much more likely to do it. This is because your brain associates writing as part of the task you want done. In your mind writing about doing the laundry equals doing the laundry. Or at least its a first step. Your mind hates unresolved issues so it’s more apt to go forward and complete the program.

Rewards Program

The brain responds brilliantly to the promise of rewards so create a rewards program to stay on track. Before you start working, don’t imagine it as a large block of time. Instead segment it with gaps in between for things that you want to do. Your brain will work fervently for the expected rewards.

Commit to a Friend

The best of friends are those that you are afraid to let down. Use this to your advantage. Tell your friend about your goals and what you intend to do with them. If you say that you’re going to start a novel, a good friend will often ask you how it’s going. This can be especially motivating if you haven’t even started yet. The fear of disappointing a loved one is a powerful motivator.

Smaller Short Term Goals

No one said you have to get to the top of Everest in a single bound. Assign yourself smaller tasks that are much easier to accomplish. For instance, if you have a report to write up that’s due in a week, write an equal amount each day instead of cramming at the last second.

Literally Just Start

The brain is funny in that it just absolutely abhors unfinished business. This is why people hate when movies have cliffhangers because their mind needs to know now what happened. Starting a task without completing it causes the brain to nag you until you finally settle down and finish it.

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