Five Tips for Finding Your Life Purpose


Life PurposeIn today’s society, many people have become too busy with school, work and other obligations and have a hard time enjoying their lives.  One of the reasons why people are not enjoying their lives is because they do not know what their life purpose is.

Finding purpose in your life can be a bit overwhelming and can seem impossible, but there are various ways to determine what your life purpose is.

Examine Yourself:  Finding purpose in your life can come from a variety of things.  Before going on a quest and jumping from one thing to another to discover what your life’s purpose is, you must first analyze yourself.  A tool that will prove helpful in the beginning stages of finding your life purpose is exploring yourself through journal writing.  In a journal jot down any short term and long term goals that you want to accomplish.  Also, write down traits that you have, such as whether you are happy when it snows or if you are infuriated with the smallest of mishaps.  By writing down specific goals, moods and traits about yourself, you will be able to gauge the things that are positive in your life and the things that are negatives in your life.

Avoid Negativity:  After you have written a self-analysis within your journal, take a look at the negatives you have written down.  One of the major factors in finding purpose in your life is to have your life void, as much as possible, of any and everything that may cause you negativity, such as certain “friends”, objects, thoughts or even relatives.  Be on a quest to replace those negative things with positivity.  Avoiding negativity will have you focused on the things that truly matter in life and will have you on the road to achieving your goals and knowing your life purpose.

Focus on the Now:  Another proven way to find your life purpose is to let go of the past, focus on the present, and do not let previous failures detour you from potentially being successful in the present.  Focusing on the past will get you nowhere and will only leave you stagnant in moving forward in a positive manner with your life.  Most people will think about their past at some point in their lives but it is important not to dwell on the past; the “now” is what counts.

Reach Out to Others:  One of the best ways to discover your life’s purpose is to be of service to others.  Volunteering in a soup kitchen during the holidays, teaching Sunday school at your local church or helping an elderly neighbor with chores once a week are ways to give your best to the world.

Never Give Up:  Although there are several ways of how to find your life purpose, it may take a while.  If you are not one of the lucky ones that find their purpose within a month or two, you will be one of the ones who will be on a journey of trial and error to find out what you are here on this earth to accomplish; just don’t give up.

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