Creating a Habit Out Of It

Creating a habit out of multiplying positive thoughts in your mind and focusing on the end goals rather than the mean goals is essentially using hybrid force in combination with the Law of Attraction to achieve success and your heart’s desires in your life.


There are several things that must be continued on a consistent basis so that success and your desires manifest in your life with the help of habit force and the Law of Attraction. Thus, you must make it a habit to give energy, attention and focus to the end goals and positive thoughts.

You can do this by making a vision box or vision board. You can study the vision box or vision board for at least 5 to 10 min on a daily basis. However, you must ensure that you study the vision box or board at the same time every day. You can also consider studying this vision board at least 3 to 4 min before you leave for work so that it will motivate you at your workplace to achieve your end goals.

Along with the studying of the vision board you can also pre-see how your day at the workplace is going to be which means that you will be visualizing all the clients you will be meeting and all the targets you will be achieving. Visualize a perfect day in your head and start the day by motivating your mind to achieve your mean goals which will help you achieve your end goals. In case you tend to forget about your vision board and visualization you can set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you at the same time on a daily basis to think about your vision board and visualize the moment you achieve your end goal.

You can also use this time to be grateful for something in your life which will further help in achieving your end goals with habit force and Law of Attraction. The key to successful habit force is consistency. There are many psychology experts who believe that you can form a habit in 21 days and hence you can use three weeks of time to form a habit force of thinking positive thoughts and focusing on your end goals. However in most cases you will not know it because once the habit is formed you will subconsciously visualize achievement of your end goals by studying your vision board.

At all times you must ensure that you remain consistent and have a timed ritual to provide energy, attention and focus to your end goal. You can take ownership of your mental power to achieve your end goals with the fantastic combination of habit force and Law of Attraction. At all times you must believe in yourself to achieve your end goals and remain flexible to change your mean goals to achieve the final outcome in your life.

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