Create Your Future The Kahuna Way by Jim Francis

You will discover that the word huna means “hidden secret”, and the kahunas were the keepers of occult secrets known only to a privileged few. With huna, you can change the future. There are many possible futures out there for you like vague thoughts floating around unless you direct and empower them.

As a rule, the future develops from what you’re doing right now. The way you respond to people, events and surroundings affects your life and your future. If you put out anger, you will get back anger, and if you love, you will be loved. Everything that happens to you is a reflection or an echo of your own inner attitudes and feelings, even if buried deep within your subconscious.

The first step in creating the future is to decide exactly what you want. Choose only one goal and stick with it. Mind power, like any other kind of capacity, expresses intensely only when its energies are focused to a fine point of concentration.

Kerryann, a student of huna, told me, “Whenever I’ve really focused on a goal it happens … not always like I planned, but it happens.” Accordingly, unify your mind with your goal and feel that you are one with it. By directing your attention to your desired objective, it will come into manifestation much more easily.

Are You Ready To Change Your Future?

Are you ready to make your dreams and wishes come true? If yes, take time now to write down your goal. Because your Low Self is very concrete and literal, writing down your goal will show it that you are doing something real and not just daydreaming.

If not sure what you want, just write down your ideas. At this point you are simply brainstorming. Don’t worry about coming up with the perfect wording. Hesitation, worry or being critical will only put your Low Self out of the picture.

Writing your ideas or your goal on paper will help eliminate the things that really don’t capture your imagination and will make any vague points more definite. Mull it over for a few days, and it will become very clear to you exactly what you want. By being very sure of your goal, you are less likely to be distracted later on.

Kahuna methods teach that concentrated visualization is an important step toward realization. Form a mental picture of your goal and then repeat it out loud word for word three times, a precise verbal statement of what you are working toward. The stronger and clearer you make your mental image and goal statement, the stronger and clearer will be the results.

Keep both your visualization and goal very focused. Avoid distracting thoughts or images. Hold your mental picture firmly until the manifestation is complete. Visualization and speaking your future goal will act as a physical stimulus to impress your Low Self, which will then send it to the High Self to be brought into reality.

Most people find visualization easy. However, if you need to develop skill in using mental pictures, you can practice with a simple object, such as an apple. Look at the apple and slowly and carefully observe its attributes. Close your eyes and inwardly see the apple. Open your eyes and look at the color. Close your eyes once more and visualize its shade of color in your mind’s eye.

Move to visualizing something more complicated, such as a group of objects on a table. Look them over, close your eyes and reconstruct them in your mind. If necessary, open your eyes briefly to check accuracy or to refresh your memory.

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