Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Mind

In case you are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts such as feelings of anxiety, stress, nervousness, jealousy and even inferiority, you will start observing negative reality in your life. This is because as stated by the Law of Attraction your thought process is the magnet which attracts subsequent reality into your life. If your thought process is positive with positive feelings such as love, peace and joy, you will find positive reality in your life. Negative thought process can attract negative reality which could often lead to depression or misuse of the Law of Attraction.

Clear the Clutter

To experience the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction and to bring positivity into your life, you must be able to clear the clutter from your mind to allow positive thoughts to grow. For this you must understand that any thought when provided attention will multiply into more thoughts. Thus, if you think positively, the positive thoughts will multiply resulting in you attracting positivity into your life. The fuel for any thought process both negative and positive is providing attention to the thought process. With the attention of thought will simply die back into nothingness from which it was born. You can use this principle to remove the negative thoughts from your mind especially before you start to feel overwhelmed by the negative thought process. Do not provide any attention in case the negative thought arises in your mind and instead divert your attention into a positive activity. The negative thoughts will starve due to the lack of attention and soon you will find that your mind is filled with positive thoughts which will bring positivity into your life. Lack of attention to any thought process will reduce the momentum of the thought process and diverting your attention from the negative thoughts will create huge spaces between the negative thoughts so that they do not have any power over your life.

Positive thoughts are creative forces and they arise from abundance and love. Your being has abundant capacity to generate positive and creative thoughts which when active can help you clear your mind from the clutter of negative thoughts to transform your mind with conditioned thinking. Initially it might be difficult to starve the negative thought process because each negative thought will seek attention by its very nature. You must try and divert your mind to starve the negative thought of attention and momentum. Even though it might feel uncomfortable, sometimes even fearful you must avoid paying attention to the negative thoughts.

Even if you feel panicked you must remove your attention from you thought process and start doing something positive to allow positive thoughts to multiply in your mind and completely uproot the negative thought process. The most natural way to clear your mind of all the clutter is to allow your awareness to relax. You must open your focus rather than narrowing it which will help positive thoughts multiply.

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