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How you can Fix Problems using your Subconscious Mind

By Michael Michalko

Occasionally ideas don’t appear when you are centering your attention and strangely show up as soon as you are not.

Modern research understands this is due to contemplating the problem in your subconscious mind yet can’t explain why it takes place.

A large number of artists, scientists, and writers report that they get their best insights and ideas when not considering the problem. Ideas come while taking a walk, recreating, or working with some other non-related situation. This suggests how the creative act came to be related to spiritual inspiration for the illumination appears to be involuntary.

The more troubles, ideas and thoughts that you contemplate; the more complicated becomes the connection of information in your mind. The more work you take into thinking about a problem, the more thoughts and bits of relevant information you put into casual motion.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t quit working when you quit considering the topic and choose to forget it. Your thoughts keep colliding, mixing and making affiliations. This is why you’ve experienced unexpectedly recalling names, receiving solutions to problems you’ve forgotten, and ideas out of the blue when you are unwinding and not thinking about any singular thing.

Thought Experiment

Focus on a problem until you have mulled over all the pertinent pieces of information. Talk with others about the problem, ask questions, and do as much groundwork as you can until you are satisfied that you have pushed your conscious mind to its limit.

Compose a note to your unconscious mind relating to the problem.

Explain the problem definition, the attributes, what steps you have taken, the problems, the gaps, what is needed, what you want, what the obstacles are, and so forth. Just composing the letter will help better define a problem, shed light on issues, identify where more details are needed, and prepare your unconscious to work on a solution.

Instruct your unconscious to find the solution. Write “Your mission is to find the solution to the problem. I would like the solution in two days.” Seal the letter and put it away. You may even want to mail it to yourself.

Let go of the problem. Don’t focus on it. Forget it. Do something else. This is the gestation stage when much of what goes on occurs away from your concentrated awareness, in your unconscious. Open the letter in two days. If the problem still has not been solved, write on the bottom of the letter “Allow me to know the minute you handle this” and put it away. Sooner or later, when you are most rested and removed from the problem, the remedy will like magic pop into your mind.

Ads on Eggs

An advertising agency was under the gun to come up with a revolutionary marketing campaign to introduce television networks new shows. Mystified, Harry, the creative director, wrote the following letter which he addressed to his subconscious mind. He called his subconscious mind “Secret Expert.”.

How are you Secret Expert?

I haven’t heard from you in some time, so I thought I would write you a letter. I need your help with a problem. I need to come up with an exciting new marketing program to introduce a new season of television shows.

Is there one thing they need that we can advertise on? I need an innovative approach to advertising. I need the idea in two days.

Harry mailed the letter to himself and two days later received it. When he read what he had written, he got his brainstorm, which was to advertise on “eggs.” Somehow an association between “foods,” “need,” “producers,” and “fresh approach,” inspired the thought of using “fresh egg to advertise?”

He arranged to place laser imprints of the networks logos, together with a number of its shows on eggs-some thirty million. A few of the slogans that will be printed on the eggs are “Crack the Case on CSI,” “Scramble to win the great race,” “Hard-boiled drama,” “Leave the Yolks to us “and” Funny Side UP.”.

The consumers look at a single egg at least a few times. When they open the carton at the store, when they transfer them to the refrigerator, and when they crack them open. It’s unlike any other ad medium on earth, because you’re looking at it while you are using it.

Try out the experiment yourself.

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