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The Greatest Advice of All Time?

So why are you interested in the ‘Law of Attraction’ anyway? Obviously, it’s about doing what you really want to do with your life. We’ve said it repeatedly, quoting the wise man’s adage: Money and fame do not happiness make. Of course, they may help in being happy. For example, it’s pretty nice not havingContinue Reading

The Secret Meditation for the Law of Attraction

So you are aware of the Law of Attraction. It might have worked for you in some instances. You’re hooked. But how can you move to the next level? Is there a way to give a turbo charge to your power to manifest? Actually, there is! Using my private meditation, you will discover that youContinue Reading

Law of Attraction: The 3 Most Common Mistakes (Part II)

3rd mistake: Inaction It is extremely common that folk refer to the LOA as just to “visualize what I want and think positive” and done. T hey just do the mental part, therefore never get to see great results. There is no Attraction without Action and this action, this initial step has to come fromContinue Reading

Why Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work for Everyone?

Taking Positive Action Works toward Positive Results

. . The power of taking positive action might seem relatively self-evident, but you often get stuck in holding patterns that provide the comfort of daily routine. Each day offers new opportunities for succeeding in business, reconnecting with old acquaintances, redressing old grievances and changing your life in positive ways. People don’t get anything handedContinue Reading