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Using Vibration to Manifest Your Ideal Life

The entire physical world is nothing but a sea of vibrating particles. We talk about “good vibes” and “bad vibes”, but what does that really mean? How can we use the knowledge of vibration to create the reality we desire? Happiness, love, joy, and compassion are emotions with high vibrations. You feel “up-lifted”, or “high”,Continue Reading

It’s Time to Fly Down From the Tree

I attended a conference a few weeks ago and one of the speakers said something that really resonated with me. The comment was “God provides the birds with an abundant supply of food, but the birds have to go get it” I’ve been noticing more and more negative articles about the Law of Attraction. It’sContinue Reading

Forgiveness The Divine ConnectionAuthor: Cindy Goldenberg

Borders Book Signing April 28, 12 Noon ‘Forgiveness The Divine Connection‘ Author Cindy Goldenberg Like The Secret? Exciting new book makes law of attraction easy. Profound angelic encounters, clairvoyant intuition and simple metaphysical principles in a fascinating book that makes forgiveness practical. Cindy Goldenberg signs her book in person at Borders, Mission Viejo, CA 4/28/07.LagunaContinue Reading

Meet Rhonda Byrne, the creator ofThe Secret (for real) Inside The Secret…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the wildly popular film and best-selling book, The Secret, by now. The stars of the show have appeared everywhere from CNN to Oprah, Larry King to Show Biz Tonight and The New York Times. But what nobody has shared yet is the REAL story. So when I found out myContinue Reading

If All Things Are Relative, WhatIs Consciousness Related To?

The ego longs for prestige, titles, posturing for appearances sake, to receive favorable responses from others who are just as benighted just as lost in the fog of an unawakened self. It assumes … Read Full Article