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Law of Attraction, Begin Your Journey With The End In Mind

In the context of the law of attraction, Albert Einstein says that visualization is everything and is the preview of life’s coming attractions. It is also like an architect’s building plan on a drawing board or an airline pilot’s flight plan on a map. Visualization is your blueprint to your wants and desires. It isContinue Reading

The Power of Concentration – Lesson 12

“The Power of Concentration” was written under the pseudonym Theron Q. Dumont, by a true Master of Mind Power – William Walker Atkinson. In this series of lessons, the reader is taught how to concentrate and unleash their latent power from within and to reach their higher potential. Lesson 12: Concentrate On Wealth. No oneContinue Reading

Character-Building Thought Power – Part 5

It is the attitude of the child that is necessary before we can enter into the kingdom of heaven. As it was said, “Except ye become as little children, ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” For we then realize that of ourselves we can do nothing, but that it is only as weContinue Reading

Relinquishing Control – Moving Into the Flow With Intent

It can be a scary thing to completely let go and surrender to life. Life can appear cruel, impersonal, and scary. However, the Law of Attraction clearly states that what you think, feel, and believe is what you will get. Let’s look at the right time to let go, and how to get to thatContinue Reading

Using the Law of Attraction to Build Self-Confidence

Many do not realize how much power the Law of Attraction truly has. This is an great practice that is going to help people build their self esteem and aid them in reaching their goals just as they have always hoped.  There are a few things that you will have to do in order toContinue Reading