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Placing Your Order with the Universe

Have you been trying to work with the Law of Attraction but still can’t seem to make progress on manifesting your wishes?  Try this super-simple approach to manifestation. Before I go into the details, I want to ask you to first put yourself into the mind-set of a person who wants something, knows where toContinue Reading

Deliberate Manifestation

The Law of Attraction teaches that everything in our lives, from the good to the bad, has been attracted to us by our own thoughts and feelings. We often hate to hear this, and may remain in denial. After all, most people do not wish to admit that all of the unpleasantries in their livesContinue Reading

Magnetizing Your Desires

Do you want to learn more about using the Law of Attraction to magnetize your desires? There is nothing more rewarding than watching your desires begin to manifest around you in your daily life. Beginning a daily magnetizing routine will assist you in bringing your desires into being more consistently. First, get a sheet ofContinue Reading

Sound Can Produce Harmony In Your Life

by Michael Filson Sound has a profound physical effect on the mind and body of the listener. We often feel moved and emotionally stirred or charged by a particular sound or melody. On a deeper level, healing sound has also metaphysical effect on the body. This effect is carried to us and through us byContinue Reading

Using Focus to Manifest Your Desires

You can manifest your desires using your thoughts and emotions, right? But how do get the Law of Attraction to work faster? How do you ensure that your desire manifests at all? The answer to all of these questions is focus! When you focus on something, you are basically placing the flashlight of your consciousnessContinue Reading