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Thoughts Become Things by Mike Dooley Mike Dooley, featured in ‘The Secret’ and author of New York Times Bestseller ‘Infinite Possibilities’ (and also creator/writer behind ‘Notes From The Universe’) – speaks on the concept of how your dominant thoughts shape your everyday life and therefore your future. Mike explains how The Law of Attraction is as real as theContinue Reading

"Why Most Affirmations Fail and The Four Building Blocks of Successful Affirmations"

Here’s A Quick Way To Create An Intention List!

An intention list is a very effective tool when it comes to manifesting with the Law of Attraction. Basically, an intention list is a list of everything you desire and hope to realize. Building your list is a great manifestation meditation, and reviewing your list will add fuel to the fire. Let’s talk more aboutContinue Reading

The Law of Attraction – Is It Real?

You may be wondering if the Law of Attraction is real or not. Perhaps it sounds too good to be true. I challenge you to work for seven days to determine whether or not the Law of Attraction works. Here’s how. Day 1: Make a space to sit and be quiet for awhile. Make sureContinue Reading

The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Book Review – Climb Your Way To The Top

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to obtain their dreams quickly even though you may have to struggle halfway in obtaining yours? Did it ever happen to you how others have gone on to turn out to be quite productive in their chosen path even though you’re still creating your own career?Continue Reading