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Five Tips for Finding Your Life Purpose

. . In today’s society, many people have become too busy with school, work and other obligations and have a hard time enjoying their lives.  One of the reasons why people are not enjoying their lives is because they do not know what their life purpose is. Finding purpose in your life can be aContinue Reading

Express Gratitude for Better Health and a Positive Attitude

. . Behavioral experts have begun to quantify the positive benefits that people who express gratitude receive from displaying open emotional reactions. Positive expressions of emotion help to make other people happy without question, but feeling grateful also brings deeper emotional balance, relieves stress and generates health benefits for people who express their grateful feelings.Continue Reading

Away With All Doubt: Express Gratitude

. . Many people have been exposed to the idea that life is a journey. As far as most of them are concerned, however, that journey begins right here and now and then moves forward into the future. While this may be an effective viewpoint when it comes to plotting out a course of action,Continue Reading

Build Inner Strength by Expressing Gratitude

. . Expressing gratitude allows you to be fulfilled with what you have in life. This does not mean that you do not dream of more; it simply allows a sense of fulfillment to permeate your consciousness. While you can still aspire to greater achievements, knowing how to express gratitude allows you to experience aContinue Reading

The Law of Attraction Can Work In Sync with Your Spirituality, Too!

The Law of Attraction scares some religious people. They think of it as looking for a divine Santa Claus or an excuse for wanting more. Those are both wrong impressions. The historical roots of the Law of Attraction are distinctly spiritual. Early Hindu writings are claimed to be the first written evidence of the LawContinue Reading