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The Desperation Cycle And Failing Motivationby Kurt Mortensen

Many think motivation is useless because it doesn’t ensurelong-lasting results. This thought tendency can be seen in what I callthe Desperation Cycle. The Desperation Cycle shows how human natureinfluences us to take the easiest path instead of the best one. Inpersuasion, we need to pull people out of the Desperation Cycle andinto permanent, long-term motivation.Continue Reading

Channeling Your Inner Energy towards Career Goals Using the Law of Attraction

When you are using your inner energy to meet your own career goals you will find it far more satisfying in life. There are practices to get your inner energy to come out and this will help you find your career objectives in life.  With the law of attraction, anything is going to be possible. Continue Reading

Create Effective Positive Affirmations for Success

. . Many times people sit and wonder why negative things seem to keep happening to them. Perhaps nothing seems to go right or they struggle with relationships, money, health or other issues. However, if they took the time to see what types of messages they are sending themselves, it could become quite clear thatContinue Reading

ATTENTION! Get 400+ FREE Personal Growth and Business Building Products, Services & Memberships Absolutely FREE!

. . Have I got some exciting news for you today! You can now get instant access to 100’s of downloadable self help gifts at NO COST to yourself. Yep, you heard me right…for FREE! All you have to do is go here: So, if you have found yourself going round in circles timeContinue Reading

Tips on How to Meditate For Beginners

. . Have you ever wanted to learn how to alleviate stress and decrease a surly temperament naturally?  If so, then look into meditation. Meditation has been used for centuries and has a host of benefits.  Not only can it suppress stress and rid a person of an angry temperament, it can also lower cortisolContinue Reading