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How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Weight Loss

. . You’ve tried all kinds of weight loss programs possible. You’ve engaged in the recommended diet, you’ve tried to cut back on carbs, and you exercise regularly. Yet you feel that those aren’t working, and soon enough, you’ve found yourself going back to your usual routine and gaining fat once again. And you think,Continue Reading

The Secret hasn’t been a secret since the times of Moses

There was an interesting article in USA Today yesterday about The Secret. In an interview with Della Reese (remember her from Touched by an Angel?) Ms Reese says “Child, The Secret hasn’t been a secret since the times of Moses, if not before”. Here’s the point. This knowledge has been around a long time butContinue Reading

Revealing The Missing Keys to Manifesting All Your Desires

Enoch Tan, a mind researcher on consciousness and universal science has released a new and revolutionary Ebook called “Manifestation Keys – Secrets To Manifesting All Your Desires!” This Ebook is specially designed to teach you the deeper secrets of the law of attraction which was popularized in the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. TheContinue Reading

Getting Rich with the Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to use the Law of Attraction to attract abundance into their lives. However, many focus on money as the highest priority. It can be very frustrating when the money doesn’t manifest. However, there is a way to correct this problem. It’s all a matter of the angle you are taking. I would argueContinue Reading

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

. . Eventually, everyone wants to know why they are alive. Finding purpose in life is important when you reach this questioning juncture. These days, however, there seem to be fewer signposts available to help people find their way. If you look hard enough, though, you can find guidance that will direct you to yourContinue Reading