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Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Career

For the people who are not aware of the theory of the law of attraction, then you are soon to realize that it is a basic principal of the Buddhist religion. In general what the theory stands for is the fact that if you can picture yourself as it, then you can be it. ItContinue Reading

Decluttering Your Life with the Law of Attraction

If you want the Law of Attraction to bring your heart’s desires into your life, there has to be room to receive. It’s a scientific reality that two objects can’t occupy the same place at the same time. The universe is orderly and never contradicts its essential principles. That’s why you can work yourself intoContinue Reading

Five Ways To Get Leverage On Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

. . Goals are incredibly important for anyone with aspirations. In the business world, goals are what make people successful. There is one important caveat, however. The goals must be able to come to fruition. Resorting to a voluminous amount of them won’t ensure success. A thousand broken goals results in just as much successContinue Reading

Reality Creation Part 1 – Living In Trance

In our free book on the nature of your own power we already indicated how you literally create your own reality based on the belief systems ingrained in your consciousness. A great deal of the information that enters your eyes is ‘edited’ by your brain based on these conditioned belief systems to create in image that matchesContinue Reading

The Law of Attraction and ‘Success’ – What Is ‘Success’ Anyway?

Everyone seems to strive to be ‘successful’ in life. We all look to apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ to gain ‘success’. But what is ‘success’? What makes you successful, and what makes you a ‘failure’? To answer this question, let’s first take a look at our world. Our societies are completely focused on our fiveContinue Reading