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I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

. . “I can’t believe my eyes”, people say… Well, they shouldn’t either. Because you’re eyes don’t actually see. They’re merely lenses that pass on information to the visual cortex in the brain. And only there do you see. So you actually see with your brain, not with your eyes. “I saw it with my own brain!” would be a betterContinue Reading

Understanding NLP Meta Model

The first model the NLP founders created is the Metal model, which came about as a result of modeling the communication intervention styles of the successful psychiatrists Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson. This model allows the operator to extract and loosen the “encodings of reality” of the subjects. The map is not the territory andContinue Reading

Attracting a Soul Mate

There is a lot of buzz around the Law of Attraction. Many of you are looking for ways to attract money into your lives. But just as passionate are those of you looking to attract love. You can certainly attract a soul mate using the Law of Attraction. Let’s discuss how to do so. FirstContinue Reading

Be an Excellent Communicator with NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is one of the most powerful applied psychology systems anyone with keen interest in the communication and persuasion fields can do to improve his convincing powers. Knowing exactly how people communicate will enable you to see the real matrix of communication, whether in person, via phone or any other electronic meansContinue Reading

Observing The Law Of Attraction In Action – Beyond Coincidence

The law of attraction is in action all around you constantly.Download Winrar You simply have not been shown the perspective that allows you to witness it! It’s as though we’ve been wearing blinders which filter out the brightest light, veiling the true wonders which saturate our world. There is no coincidence. There I said it!Continue Reading